The Party

1980 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 8703

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Richard Bohringer as Guibert
Claude Brasseur as François Beretton
Sophie Marceau as Vic Beretton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by misspiggie 10 / 10

so awesome

My french teacher allowed my class to watch the entire thing.It's a wonderful movie. There was one slow song that kept playing throughout the entire film, but at the moment I cannot recall the name of it. I give it a ten out of ten because it was funny, shocking, and even a smidge sad at points. Nowadays it would most definitely be rated PG-13 at least, because it does contain profanity and some sexual references. All of the foreign films shown to us in class were loved by all, such as Jean De Florette and Manon De la Source, which are both equally fabulous movies. I must say that I greatly enjoyed the lead female character's haircut. It really looked good on her.

Reviewed by chicagrrl 10 / 10

A classic in its own right

I came here thinking "La Boum" is truly a "classic" for those who grew up in the 80s, but after reading all the comments, it appears to be a movie loved by people from around the world! Indeed, what seems so appealing about "La Boum" is its honesty, about a girl who is trying to grow up in the 80s Paris, her budding first love, her relationship with friends, and dealing with her parents' troubled marriage. Everyone wished they had grandmothers like Poupette!

This was also a classic for us in my high school; we would demand to see this film year after year. It's one of the fondest memories we have of our French class - both entertaining and educational (what a great way to learn French!) - and well-liked by both genders, unlike the 80s teenage girl movies made in the U.S. There is something about this movie that compels one to watch it over and over again. 9/10.

Reviewed by Karl Self 7 / 10

Time after time

I grew up in the 1980ies and didn't see the movie until now. I have to admit that, despite the hype at the time, it's a decent coming-of-age movie which ended up setting the script for all the teenage romcoms to come. To my surprise, the travails of young Vic are buffeted by the adventures of her patchworkish family, with her philandering father, her economically struggling mother and her funky grandmother. Unusually it depicts the (naturally rather tame) love adventures of 11 to 14-years-olds, in other words the deal is the first kiss on the mouth here, whereas modern movies either cater to kids or senior to college level young adults, where much more risqué humour is viable.

What makes the movie worth watching today is the enormous cultural gap between then and now. It all seems so dull, grey and dusty, just like I remembered the era.

Some things I found especially noteworthy:

* the characters eat noodles all the time; even steak with noodles

* the movie makers had a thing going for Germany; we have sexy German teacher monsieur Lehman, in part two Vic goes to summer school near Salzburg and heart throb Pierre sets off for exotic Stuttgart

* Denise Grey (grannie Poupette) was 84 years old when the movie was released; she had her first acting appearance in 1913 and died at the age of 99

* the family car, a Talbot-Matra Rancho in the luxurious Grand Raid edition (with headlights which look like cop cruiser searchlights); basically a R4-class ride styled to look as if it had just won the Camel Trophy

* the eponymous "boum" (party) is incredibly lame by modern standards, essentially kids standing around a record player, listening to unbelievably cheesy music and sucking on a Coke

* the product placement: while the teens eat generic "super chips" all the time (obviously, a lucrative contract didn't surface here), there are constant placements for Lacoste and Talbot-Matra

* the fashions look unbelievably tame and stuffy, with the girls wearing almost no makeup

* the movie makers were very clever in marketing the music, they managed to scout unknown British musicians and got them to write a suitable song, played it constantly throughout each movie and thus created fairly solid hits in the process ("Dreams Are My Reality" by Richard Sanderson in the first part, and, to a lesser degree, and using virtually identical harmonies, "Your Eyes" by Cook Da Books (what??) in the second episode)

* the school Vic goes to, the lycée Henri IV, is a prestigious Parisian high school

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