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Everett Sloane as Caryl Fergusson
Billy Bletcher as Table Captain #3 at Italian Café
George Raft as George Raft
Jerome Cowan as Business Executive
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

Jerry Lewis at his worst.

A famous celebrity dies in the opening scene. His group of handlers are sad--not just at his death but because they're out of jobs. Then one gets a brainstorm--pool their talents and create a new star. Then, they can keep their jobs. They're a cocky group and decide it doesn't matter if they guy they pick has talent and they pick the first schmuck they meet--a loud and clumsy bellboy (Lewis). They then proceed to make him a star--singing one of the most annoying ditties I've ever heard. There's more to it than that, but frankly I couldn't make myself finish the movie--it was THAT annoying.

This film began with the worst possible job of mugging for the camera I have ever seen--with Jerry Lewis WAY overdoing EVERYTHING. He drops glasses and each time he picks up ice, it slips out of his hands--again and again. And the way he talks....uggh!! He never finishes a single sentence and this is what is supposed to be comedy?! I was so annoyed but decided to keep couldn't get worse. And I was right, it didn't get any worse...but it didn't get any better. It's a shame, as I have watched a bunch of his movies lately and enjoyed most of them. This one, however, just seemed VERY self-indulgent, loud, poorly timed and unfunny. It's a shame, as he could be funny and likable--here he's just obnoxious and lacks humanity. A clear misfire and I don't seem to see what some others loved about this film--it's just no enjoyable in the least.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

The Entourage That Wouldn't Die

There isn't a big star that you can name who doesn't have an entourage. These folks have their careers rise and fall with the stars that time and circumstance has attached them to. But what does happen to these people if the star is taken out of the picture. Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were known for their large entourages and I daresay right at this moment there any number of people trying to figure out what the future holds for them with Michael Jackson's demise.

The Patsy examines one such entourage who when its star, a popular comedian is killed in a plane crash, they will not just disperse. They function as a team and all they need is another star. Where to find one however.

And that's where Jerry Lewis comes in, an innocent schlep of a bellboy who comes in with an ice tray wreaking havoc in the typical Lewis manner. The rest of the film is devoted to how well they succeed in their objective.

As one of the last players under studio contract, Paramount kept in the black pretty much during the Fifties and Sixties because of Jerry Lewis. Either with Dino or later as a solo, Jerry's films made money and gradually he got creative control over them. In this one he directs as well.

It's not his best work, but it's still pretty good with some really hilarious performances. Jerry Lewis has a reputation as an egotist, but you would not know it in The Patsy, he was quite generous in giving time to the fine cast he assembled. The entourage consists of Everett Sloane, Phil Harris, Ina Balin, John Carradine, Keenan Wynn, and in his last film Peter Lorre. You're not going to hold too tight a rein on this group of scene stealers and Lewis doesn't even try.

Best scene in the film however is with Hans Conreid as a voice teacher the entourage hires for Lewis. It involves Jerry with a snooty Hans who is also an antique collector. Let's just say the laughs are equally for Hans as they are for Jerry.

And the ending is something that Mel Brooks could have used. In fact I'm not sure Brooks didn't appropriate an idea or two for some of his films.

The Patsy is a great introduction to Jerry Lewis and I know his fans count it among his best.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 3 / 10

Some big laughs early on cannot compensate for half-hearted script...

Accident-prone bellhop at the Beverly Hilton is groomed for stardom by a group of show biz people eager to keep their cushy jobs after their star-client perishes in a plane crash (oh, the hilarity!). Jerry Lewis in another plush Paramount comedy, which he also directed and co-wrote with Bill Richmond, but one that doesn't have any central interest in its own plot. Lewis' klutz is supposed to be replacing a TV comedy star, but first he has to cut a hit record and lip-synch it on a teenage dance show. One isn't sure if the project got away from Lewis or if he just lost interest in seeing the picture through. He's assembled a colorful cast of old pros, and there's a hilarious bit involving music teacher Hans Conried, but after the first 30 minutes it's just frittered away. The worst line is given to Ina Balin, describing Jerry's bellboy: "He's really very shy." Who were they kidding? *1/2 from ****

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