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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phillindholm 5 / 10

A Movie As American As Mom's Apple Pie, Daddy's Scotch On The Rocks, And Little Maxie's Drugs!

"The People Next Door" is an exploitation movie masquerading as an important social document. The cast, photography and production promise "class", while the script, direction and execution scream "cash-in".

Comfortable New York suburbanites Arthur and Gerrie Mason (Eli Wallach and Julie Harris) discover one night that their seemingly perfect 16-year old daughter, Maxie (Deborah Winters) has been tripping on LSD. Arthur, a smug, bullying braggart, immediately suspects his 17-year old (long-haired) son, Artie (Stephen McHattie) of supplying the drug to his sister, and kicks him out of the house. Whereupon, (suitably) confused Harris runs next door to seek advice from high school principal David Hoffman (Hal Holbrook) whose wife, Tina (a pre-"Phyllis" Cloris Leachman) is an alcoholic, and whose son Sandy (Don Scardino) has his own problems. Very sensibly, he advises love and understanding on the part of the parents, which all but goes out the window when Maxie confesses she has been tripping for quite a while now, is also sexually active and on THE PILL. Naturally,she just keeps getting worse--she's found by her father high on cocaine and in bed with a biker. From there, it's straight to family therapy where, among other things, it's revealed that Dad is having an affair with his lusty secretary (a pre-"Golden Girl" Rue McClanahan) and Mom knew it all the time. After another lamentably useless (and unintentionally hilarious) therapy session, the Masons decide to throw a party(?) which comes to an abrupt halt when one of the hired musicians is discovered puffing pot. Maxie then gets hold of more LSD, does a nude dance on her lawn and trips herself into a seedy mental hospital. The sight of her near-catatonic daughter in this horrible place drives Mom right to bed, where she remains until the film's climax.

More a catalog of just about every ailment bedeviling middle class families in the seventies than a worthwhile attempt at explaining them, "The People Next Door" lurches from one crisis to the next with very little happening in between. That's a shame, because the cast is excellent, but trapped in parts which are less like flesh and blood characters in a drama, than stereotypes in a ''Saturday Night Live'' sketch. For example, Wallach hypocritically swallows massive amounts of sleeping pills, Harris chain-smokes her way through the story, and all involved are on edge from beginning to end. Along the way, McHattie heads a rock band (dubbed by short-lived group, The Bead Game) principal Holbrook must deal with a student riot, and Wallach gooses Leachman when the opportunity arises. Yes, The movie gives you your money's worth in 93 minutes, that's for sure, but those who are wondering what the point is, will never find out. At least most B movies don't attempt to hide behind ''artistic'' pretensions.

Reviewed by jamielindsey 10 / 10

This movie is a movie that pretty much told it like it was at that time.

The thing i loved about this movie is the brother of the daughter on drugs is condemned because he had long hair and was in a rock band. He tried to explain that he did not take drugs,much less give his sister any. The dad threw him out any way. The thing I loved was this happened in the late 60s -early 70s. Not all long haired guys were into drugs they just liked the look and the music! At the same time the guy next door was just to clean cut etc. to ever do such a thing as drugs,yet he was the one who gave the girl the drug. This was a common theme back then-long hair rock and roll =drugs.I was 16 at the time with long hair in a small town and could relate! Parents did not want me around their kids. especially their daughters! The police often sit across from our house and just watched. a stake out just for me? Man it was tough! the wild part is my hair was barley over my ears!Would love to see this movie again!

Reviewed by skullislandsurferdotcom 10 / 10

Deborah Winters, Eli Wallach, and Julie Harris in an amazing film

A psychedelic-era cult film about a suburban family with problems beneath the surface, headlined by rebellious teenager "Maxie," played by the lovely and talent Deborah Winters who, when not freaking out on bad acid, scrutinizes her parent's shortcomings: like booze and hypocrisy.

Eli Wallach is terrific as the drink-after-work patriarch, as are Stephen McHattie as the hippie son and wife Julie Harris, whose hard-nosed lecture to Maxie in a mental institution provides an explosive, and perhaps even effective, climax.

But it's Deborah Winters alone, with a brooding reserve as intense as the drug-induced tirades, providing an underlying "vibe" throughout: where anything can happen... at any time.

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