The Phoenix Tapes '97


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 406

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Moviesnob411 8 / 10


The movie starts out with and interview of the father of a journalist (?) who insists his son was murdered and that he found tapes in the wall of his sons room. The tapes contain found footage of a trip taken by four friends that left in an RV to go to the middle of no where for a fishing trip. The first night they wake to booms and believe they are witnessing a meteor shower, incidentally it states on the screen that its 4 days before the Phoenix Lights event. The next day while at the fishing hole one of the men believes he sees a man on top of a hill hiding behind a rock but the others are convinced its just a goat. After fun at the fishing hole it starts to get dark and they decide to stay the night instead of hiking back to the camper. One man is scared by something he describes as a person in the woods while collecting fire wood (?). They proceed to hear noises and take off back to the camper. Once there they discover all the lights on and the camper completely destroyed. Unable to get it to start they are forced to hide inside. As the night goes on something terrorizes them by walking on the roof and knocking out lights until an extremely bright light engulfs the camper and a loud noise is heard. Once it stops they settle down for the night. Upon waking they find the door open and their friend Adam missing. They decide to abandon the camper and go for help. They walk through the day until dark and make camp when they hear noises and strange lights in the sky and what sounds like a man screaming. A very terrifying alien then comes out from behind a bush and the men start running. One by one they are picked off as the group runs through the woods. The last one standing is the one with the night vision camera and we see as hes taken away that there is a space ship taking off which happens to be the night if the Phoenix Lights event. The movie ends with the closure of the fathers interview.

I enjoyed this movie, it was creepy and engrossing. It's a complete found footage film which is usually irritating but this one was actually done right. I would recommend giving it a try.

Reviewed by sjachimski-87898 7 / 10

Clever placement.

I initially thought I was about to watch a documentary, being as it was in the Documentary section on Amazon Video. It seemed a little odd to me that they were showing extended footage with no dialogue from a narrator. Once I realized what I was getting myself into I decided to sit back and enjoy the ride. It was different from all other found footage movies I've seen. Well done on the bait and switch!

Reviewed by simone_marie-69937 8 / 10

Was a very good and enjoyable ride.

Very much suprised by this small gem of a film, Have a slight love/hate relationship with found footage films but this one stood out and as a SCIFI lover it gave me a slight biast i guess.

Would recomend.

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