The Pig Farm


Crime / Documentary

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Reviewed by helenahandbasket-93734 2 / 10

My God. Absolutely Horrifically Bumbled/Fumbled

In listening to the witnesses/friends/cohorts, I'm certain I can certainly empathize with the investigators who had to try and process the information Dinah Taylor, Lynn Ellingsen, Lisa Yelds, and the stunningly stupid supposed 'girlfriend' who he apparently couldn't do without (according to some of the addicts, anyhow) are all so utterly ridiculous that I would have a hard time as an official investigator trying to follow their words, or rather incredible lack thereof. I can only imagine the frustration felt over constantly changing stories, gaping holes in said stories, lack of information, of cooperation, outright hostility, etc. And the complications are surely immeasurable.

But the insane lack of attention, much less even a fragment of slight research into the innumerable women going missing, people shouting from the rooftops, and yet, crickets could be heard chirping. The utter lack of care given to the victims is deafening, and utterly contemptuous. So many missed opportunities to halt the actions of this monster, even without the cooperation of some of these garbage people that could have helped immensely, these investigators dropped the ball on so many occasions it defies logic.

That being said, I am completely aghast at the countless people who were not only able to turn away from the astonishing horrors, but willfully do so in the name of self preservation, addiction, whatever the case may be, makes me physically ill. These are some of the most vile of society, and it's completely disgusting that they all seemed to befriend each other in some sadistic, disastrous blend.

I cannot for the life of me decide on how to rate this mess of a documentary; it's somewhat disjointed, oddly narrated, and leaves many holes in the telling. Aside from horrible people surrounding an atrocity that was largely dismissed until it could no longer remain unknown, there's little (if any) real pushback for the investigators who were interviewed, and zero accountability offered. The subjects who would talk are largely under the influence of something, that much is glaringly obvious. Listening to Yelds blathering on about 'eff the police!' even despite knowing what she was doing would likely lead to more women suffering unbelievable torture, pain and death, she and her cohorts are concerned with only one thing- themselves.

Watch if you must, but it's only slightly better than 'Good Night Sugar Babe', but only slightly.

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