The Pilot's Wife



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
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Nigel Bennett as Dick Somers
Kirsty Mitchell as Muire Boland
Campbell Scott as Robert Hart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colinrussell 6 / 10

Great production , shame about the unbelievable locations.

This movie was aired this week in the UK one afternoon and made for enjoyable and compulsive viewing. The story was good and all the talent worked well and I was impressed how slick was the direction and editing in telling the story. American movies work to high production values and this was no exception, very slick and watchable, but seeing what was supposed to be Ireland and London destroyed the credibility of the movie, the magic was gone. Why? I've looked at the credentials of the Producer, Director, and Art Department and they're all seasoned fine professionals, so I'd love to know why so many continuity errors were allowed in the final cut. Was is ignorance? or was there a budget problem? Somebody please tell me! Well if you think I'm being picky, here goes - Nova Scotia may look like Ireland but buildings are in stone or brick. The harbour looked nothing like Ireland, more like Norway.The Canadian registered helicopter wouldn't be working in Eire, they've got their own. A liberal dose of gaffer tape could have converted the "C" into a "G" making it a British aircraft, that would have been credible. Irish military trucks do not wear North American plates. No British Police force uses American cars or vans. The Irish Police are called the GARDA and that is displayed on their police cars which are current models with Eire plates, not like the old model England registered Range Rover used in the story. Come on guys, its a different country! The black Rover model she drove to Malin Head (and which had been parked in the London street)is a rare 1950's model, was she supposed to have rented it? Driving on the left looks OK but the double yellow lines in the centre of the road scream WRONG! Over here they mean No Parking and are at the side of the road. It seems as if the Art Department didn't know, and didn't bother to check for continuity errors, while the Director could have covered most of these sins with tighter shots. All of this adds up to a big lack of professionalism. There were many other small errors which it wouldn't be fair to include, there has to be a balance. I have only mentioned the real howlers that spoilt the story. Someone somewhere on this movie didn't care and let the team down. Getting the correct information in pre-production wouldn't have been a cost issue to this production, so there you go, only get 6 out of 10 - must try harder!

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 8 / 10

Christine Lahti excels here....

in the title role of a pilot's wife who must contend with his sudden mysterious death overseas. His plane went down, and she is besieged by officials and airline PR executives, all anxious to learn the truth, for their own varied interests. Campbell Scott is also very good as airline company man who follows Lahti to London. She hopes to clear her husband's name, but what she finds there only creates even greater turmoil.

Without giving away the twist, suffice to say her family in Massachusetts, her daughter, and her perceptions that her marriage was a happy one are challenged, and met with adversity. She handles this at first, incredulously (an amazingly underplayed performance by Lahti, reflecting shock and betrayal).

Written by Anita Shreve, the story takes the twist of the storyteller, (in this case Lahti) and her own personal story. She does not care about terrorism or what the peripheral facts of the case were. She lost her husband, and the facade she thought was her family. 8/10.

Reviewed by djarkies 10 / 10

About a woman who is devastated to find that her husband has a secret life, which she finds out about after his death.

This has become one of my all-time favorite movies, and the book is also outstanding. I read the book first, and was glad that I did. After reading this book, Anita Shreve has become one of my favorite authors. "The Pilot's Wife" was a movie that keeps you riveted to your seat, awaiting the next surprise. You never know what to expect from one moment to the next. There is so much going on in this movie that you can watch it more than once and still enjoy it. I Have watched it 2-3 times, and can't wait to see it again. Christine Lahti is a wonderful actress, and I love her in this movie. She plays Kathryn like no one else could have, and makes her come to life on the screen. My favorite scene in this movie was when she came face to face with the secret life from her husband's past. I can't imagine being in a position such as this, especially after the death of your husband.

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