The Pink Cloud


Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6 10 543

woman director

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rubenm 8 / 10

Beautiful film about boredom and despair

In India, spouses only get to know each other on the day they marry. I don't know if that's true, but it's what Giovana tells Yago half jokingly, because they are in a similar situation. The two were planning to have a one night stand, but they end up being locked in an apartment because of a poisonous pink cloud that hangs over the city and makes it impossible to go outside.

The film shows how Giovana and Yago cope with this situation, when the pink cloud doesn't go away and the confinement becomes permanent. It's much more a character study than a disaster movie. The camera doesn't leave the house and what happens in the outside world is only shown in news reports and online videos watched by Giovana and Yago. The director is.mostly interested in the psychological process of being locked up with someone you can't escape from. Are we a couple, they ask themselves at one point. They are, but only because they have to be.

The screenplay is very imaginative: in spite of the boredom of being locked up, all kinds of things are happening between the two. This film depends very heavily on the acting, and especially the female character is played very well. Giovana is much more emotional than Yago, and actress Renata de Lelis is completely believable in showing her growing despair.

The photography is also very well done, with lots of soft colours and subtle lighting. The pink cloud itself is quite beautiful, in spite of it being extremely deadly. The film unexpectedly has an extra dimension because of te pandemic and the confinements, but even if covid wouldn't have happened it's a very original and engaging film.

Reviewed by henferdeline 1 / 10

Rip-off of a French movie

This movie is a rip-off of "Hold your breath" ( ) . Same setting (a toxic gas is released, people have to stay home to avoid dying), same despair.

It is a shame that it is being portrayed as something original - even worse that some say this movie anticipated the pandemic.

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