The Pit



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supermellowcali 3 / 10

An ok short story made too long

If it was a story you'd read in a few pages, this might be ok. The acting was fine but the dialog was too uninteresting to me to carry on so long.

The set bugged me too. In theory both men could fall into the same pit, but this opening was so small that it seemed unlikely. That would be overlookable if not for the inexplicably weak attempts to escape by two apparently relatively capable men. It might have worked for me if the hole had been different or if they had attempted to dig as if their lives depended on it. But it seemed like they would have succeeded if they'd really tried.

Maybe the point is that Mister Survival is lame and, as with most people claiming expertise, doesn't really know as much as they believe they do... as in, two hillbillies that think they're smart? If so I'd add a couple stars for theme and ironic humor, but I don't think that's what this movie was going for.

Overall this felt like a play that was movie-ized but maybe should have stayed on the stage.

Reviewed by ReaLMoisan 3 / 10

I Adore Les Stroud, but...

This is a very low budget affair. It's three cast and a dog, all filmed in one location. It's also darker and more crude in tone than I expected, and it gets a little crazy near the end. There's a writer credited, but some of the lines or scenes feel ad libbed. It could also just be an issue with the editing, because lines of dialogue are being repeated after camera cuts.

By far, the most perplexing issue with the film was seeing some really poor survival techniques on display. There maybe a twist at the end that could explain away such issues, but that excuse doesn't work for me. When you have the Survivorman playing the lead, you don't expect bad survival practices.

A few such issues, without really going into spoilers are: being severely pierced by an object, and pulling that object out of the wound. Using fire to cauterize a wound (this is one of those dangerous tropes), and the treatment used for a bite that is fatal in less than 1 in 1,000 occurrences.

I also really disliked the ending too. This type of twist is my least favourite trope in all of television and film. Like the title suggests, I am a huge fan of Les Stroud, and I've seen every episode of Survivorman. Including the director commentary videos only available on his YT channel. He was fine in the roll, but he wasn't given much to work with either.

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