The Players

2012 [FRENCH]


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Mathilda May as Ariane
Jean Dujardin as Fred / Olivier / François / Laurent / Jean-Michel / James
Guillaume Canet as Thibault
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Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Infidelity times ...

The movie made big waves even before it hit the international cinema screens, because someone leaked the fact that a movie poster got held back because it was inappropriate and would have diminished Jean Dujardins chances of winning the Oscar (or was it just a publicity stunt?). The movie itself might be able to live off that controversy at first, but even after a few "shocking" moments at first, it'll have to stand on its own two feet (pun not intended).

Dujardin and his partner (in crime) here show a real passion for that project. They go places you might expect them to go. But even if only Dujardin is on your radar (the other actor being very famous in France too), it is a lack of emotion for both characters and the triviality of the whole thing, that might make you want to stop watching it. The overall idea was nice and I still kind of like it, but it's anything but special ...

Reviewed by olicaliente 8 / 10

Infidelity seen by men

This is not an exceptional film. Its main quality, besides the good acting, is to explore the theme of infidelity in a manner not "socially correct". This is a movie with several skits(7 or 8) some very short, others more substantial. The characters are excessive, lovable, sympathetic or repelling, comic or depressing ...

It is sometimes quite realistic, sometimes more fantastic or surrealistic, but we can find a little bit of ourself in those situations or characters.

The acting is OK, and Dujardin Lellouche are excellent.

A good time to spend, not necessarily with a square, except if you want to help him loosen up.

Reviewed by writers_reign 6 / 10

Gentlemen And Players? Not Quite

It's reasonable to assume that Jean Dujardin will be a draw for this entry being more or less internationally renowned following the success of The Artist. He was, of course, fairly well known, at least in France, for some time before that not least for his spoof James Bond movies OSS. Les Infideles is something of a mixed bag and one of its assets is its cocking a snook to the PC brigade who do, of course, need much more than a snook cocking them. Guillaume Canet, for example, appears in arguably the briefest segment (though he does appear in others)and also one of the funniest when, on the verge of being exposed as an adulterer, and thinking on his feet, he throws the incriminating evidence out of a window, not in itself all that funny until we add that the evidence was in the jaws of the family pet dog. The bulk of the movie is shouldered equally by Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche and in the main they do sterling work, the next most familiar name on the credits is Sandrine Kimberlain, one of the finest French actresses of her generation but ultimately wasted here. Overall something of a curate's egg.

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