The Possessed

1988 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.2 10 587

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Omar Sharif as Stepan
Isabelle Huppert as Maria Shatov
Lambert Wilson as Nikolaj Stavrogin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jromanbaker 1 / 10

A total disaster.

Thanks to a French DVD I was able to see again a film I saw in Paris in the late 1980's. I thought it a mess then, but on seeing it again I realised just how much I disliked it. I will not go into the politics of the book or the intention of adapting it to the screen by Wajda. It is what is there on the screen that matters. It is hysterical in the worst way possible, and played like an amateur dramatic company totally out of control. Isabelle Huppert came to life for the little time she was on the screen ( her entrance in a silly hat and round glasses was risible, but as soon as she had taken both off she performed admirably ). Not one of the other actors came anywhere near her and spent most of their time having to mouth the ranting dialogue. Stavrogin as played by Lambert Wilson was a disappointment, but then again ' demonic ' music seemed to accompany him with every entrance. As for the others they either over-acted or played as being ' saintly '. The ending to ' holy ' music was maudlin beyond belief, and certainly was not as Dostoyevsky had written it. In my opinion it should have been made in Russian and not in French, but even then I feel Wajda would have failed. A cold film ruined by melodrama.

Reviewed by sobot 6 / 10

An incomplete adaptation

Nikolai Stavrogin is a person that tries to prove his freedom by believing in nothing and mocking everything and everyone around him. Unfortunately, he is also a handsome and charismatic man, influencing many people. So, "the devils went out of this Russian man and entered into a herd of swine..."; his eloquent (but meaning nothing to himself) speeches leave deep marks in others and cause a lot of suffering and even death.

Although Stavrogin is the central character of the Dostoyevsky's novel, in this movie it is not so. He disappears about half an hour before the end. Instead, the movie is focused on Shatov, the only character one could possibly identify with. I guess Wajda wanted us to see the story from Shatov's viewpoint.

Some parts of this story are transferred to screen nicely; however other important parts are only touched or completely missing. Many important characters pass unnoticed. I guess the natural thing to think is that such a complex and long novel can not be faithfully dramatized. However, having seen a theater adaptation in Narodno pozorište in Belgrade, I can testify that this is not true. I would probably think much more of this movie if I haven't previously seen the play.

I wonder whether someone who hasn't read the novel could follow the plot. My impression is that they couldn't, and that the movie addresses mostly those who have.

There are also other minor objections. For example, Isabelle Huppert gets first billing although she appears for less than 10 minutes. Nevertheless, the movie complements the book fine and I feel that Dostoyevsky admirers should see it.

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