The Prayer Box



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steve9801 10 / 10


MOVIE REVIEW: "THE PRAYER BOX" (A+) I don't very often review movies that I see either on DVD or on streaming services, but this movie deserves a wide viewership. This movie is available on DVD and Amazon and Netflix. It is touching and just an out and out beautiful family movie. This movie rests completely on the shoulders of young actor GRANT DAVIDSON in his first movie lead role. He does an incredible job in conveying how beautiful life can be, despite setbacks, if you care about other people. The screenplay, direction, and editing are excellent. Even though this movie runs about 105 minutes I wish it lasted twice as long. Watch for Grant since he is a very talented young man and is destined to be a star. Down the line, come back to this review when he is a star and see that I predicted it here. I cannot see any teen do a better job in this part than he did. It was pure perfection. See it if you can and even if you can't. You will thank me for it.

Reviewed by digiteum 9 / 10

Does God answer prayers?

He does, But for this young teen, God doesn't make his sister well, despite this young boy trying to answer all the congregation's prayers himself - but certainly God was working through him.

A moving story that brings you to faith.

Stick with it, sentimental and tear jerker.

Reviewed by mraymond-91023 10 / 10

A Moving, very well done, wholesome movie!

The Prayer Box is an excellent movie, that the whole family can watch. It is a film, that tugs at your heart, because it is a realistic Christian movie, that shows how love and faith in God can get you through the toughest times. The directing, acting and background settings are very nice. You might cry, while watching parts of this, but there are moments that are inspiring and very joyful, too! I highly recommend this movie!

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