The Prey


Action / Adventure

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gjcannon 2 / 10

Move on...nothing to see here.

This has a pretty low-budget feel to it, but that isn't the problem. It just has no originality to the writing and no performances which raise it from bargain-bin level. Trust me and just give it a body-swerve.

Reviewed by JakubBednar 5 / 10

Failed to connect

I watched this movie with English subtitles. After seeing the trailer I was hoping it would be as touching as the 1994 movie "Surviving the Game" with Gary Busey in it, which I loved. The story was a little different but same sort of scenario in which people are hunted as sport for money.

I believe it could have worked with a much higher budget but would still generate a mild response from the majority of viewers. Several of the actors let it down, especially the main villain.

The ending was a bit of a let down and made me think of stirring spaghetti bolognese where I was trying to keep up with the focus of the story and who was dying. I guess reading subtitles takes away from appreciating it a bit too. Not being a real fan of martial arts I would have to say didn't help my rating.

I see this movie generating a more positive response from young viewers.

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