The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding


Comedy / Family / Romance

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Maryam d'Abo as Queen Rosalind
Luke Mably as Prince Edvard
Jonathan Firth as Soren
Kam Heskin as Paige Morgan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by swtflirty 2 / 10

Not a happy ending

I kinda liked the plot of the movie, but what makes the movie so awful is the characters. The new girl that played Paige was more dressy and preppy, and Julia she was more down to earth laid back kind of girl. I'm so disappointed in the movie. All expect for Prince Edward were all different characters. If your going to make a sequel to a movie at least have the same people or don't make a sequel at all. There are just to many movies that don't have the same characters as the first movie. I was so excited when I heard that the movie was coming out. The poster that they have for the movie looked like Julia and on the cover of the DVD. I'm sorry I wouldn't buy this movie.

Reviewed by coralcamp 2 / 10

I was unhappy with the writing and the lack of care in siting, plot and lack of use of original actors

Dear me, I think I was not very happy when I saw this sequel! What can I say kindly? Although the movie was funny, slapstick, and lighthearted, it felt like it lacked much depth of feeling and lacked the more timeless quality of the careful acting and writing and siting of the first version. It was too hurried, and unrealistic; a number of the characters were "plastic" and lacked depth in their development. It's as if someone took the characters in the first movie and put them on a faster time machine, with all that fast talk. It just didn't seem real.

The ultimate anguished moment for me was that the end was too hurried in parts it should not have been, crazy and simply not believable - especially the muted, smiling "parents" - who lacked the depth of the original parents - the kind you can really relate to, not the wax-faced figures that seemed to "appear". The characters were not developed well, although the father in this movie did seem to be a very good actor in his expression of words.

How did the plot evolve? The depth of the characters (except for Luke), clarity of the scenes and plot and the acting was all off-key to me. I apologize for having to be negative, as I like to encourage, but it was just so disappointing! Upon reflection, I think I was shocked and made quite angry to find most of the original cast gone, so great to the first movie. When the original actors are not reused - the immediate thing that happens in my mind is comparing and trying to figure out if this character is really supposed to be the one I saw before - and realizing how different they are, and not in a good way....which takes away from the movie and its plot. I think it must be a reflexive action to do so, and had the original actors been used, it might have had a small chance...

I kept wanting to see the real Soren (although his replacement was good - but too hurried)- what a great character and actor the original Soren is! as well as Julia Stiles and her parents and brothers and his real mother, the Queen (she played it so beautifully, timing was there in her words and actions, as were all the actors in the original cast) and where was the Prince's sweet sister????? It was so sadly not there.....they were so great together in the original movie, so well written and so in-depth with serious issues and real could feel the chemistry betwenn all the actors in the first one.

Had this second movie been done on its own and not as a sequel, it would have happily landed on its feet as a funny farce. But it went into the mud with the Norwegian "Princess", in my book! What happened? Is there any way, any way at all to redo the movie with the original writers, staff, actors, etc? It needs to be done - I would really like to see this plot modified and redone - a really well-done, in-depth romance! Thank you for listening!

Reviewed by laerkeworm 1 / 10

Offended and disappointed

I just saw this movie, and as a Dane, I'm offended and disappointed. It was just so... bad! The plot seemed unoriginal, the cast was .. well, disappointing, and what happened to Paige's hair? Movie 1 it was brown and straight, but now it's unnaturally curly and blond? And the actor? Kam Heskin? Not really...

But what I had the biggest problem with was that this was supposed to be about a Danish prince, and that most of the movie is supposed to take place in Denmark, yet there were no Danish actors (in the first there was at least one), and the actors who where supposed to be Danish couldn't even speak Danish properly, and they almost didn't speak the language at all! I know Danish is a hard language to learn and to speak, the Queen of Denmark's husband doesn't even speak it that well after many years in Denmark, but then you need to employ at least A FEW Danes, instead of just teaching the actors a few words.

Most of the characters' names weren't good either. I don't know if the writer researched Denmark or Norway and Sweeden when finding names, but names like Rosalind and Edward are very rare, and not exactly typical royal names. Harald is not common either, at least not in Denmark. One of our princes' is name Felix! Joachim! Christian! Frederik! I have a whole list of this that seem wrong about the movie from a Danish perspective, I just needed to vent a few.

It just really annoys me that they couldn't take the time to make an effort. I heard the first movie was inspired by the love story of our future king and queen, Frederik and Mary, and in that case, I'm offended on behalf of the royal Danish family.

Gads, that movie was bad.

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