The Princess and the Warrior

2000 [GERMAN]

Drama / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 14389

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Absurd and underwhelming

"Der Krieger und die Kaiserin" or "The Princess and the Warrior" is a German movie from over 15 years ago written and directed by Tom Tykwer. He made this one 2 years after "Lola rennt" and once again cast Franka Potente, the rising star of German cinema, as the lead character. Tykwer and Potente were still a couple at this point. But this strong relationship did not necessarily result in a good movie this time. I cannot blame Potente though, I would even say she was better in here than in the overrated "Lola rennt". In terms of Benno Fürmann, I am a bit biased as he is far from one of my favorite actors and I don't think he is particularly talented. He cannot convince me otherwise here either. Also I am confused by the film's title. Not only is it fairly pretentious, but it has Fürmann's character first and he is really just a supporting player. It is all about Potente's character from start to finish. "Start to finish" means a massive 125 minutes here, this film makes it past the 2-hour mark, but it is not even close to having the material for this runtime and sadly, this is true for several Tykwer fans. I saw that in his newest film, he worked with Tom Hanks (again). I am genuinely baffled that he is still considered one of Germany's best filmmakers abroad. I have yet to see a movie where he really wows me, especially as a writer.

But back to this one here: The story is about a nurse who has a serious accident and a stranger saves her life. As a consequence, she keeps searching for him and when she has found him, she somewhat confesses her affection for him. This is already pretty strange. Can he not just be a good Samaritan without her developing feelings right away. And equally strange is his reaction. He is more interested in committing a crime (Lola reference) than in going on a date with the girl despite how stunning she is. So yeah, he has not much interest, but of course this changes at some point as they had to include a pretty bizarre love story in here too next to the bizarre crime story. This film felt like a weaker version of the Schweiger/Wokalek movie "Barfuss". Tykwer proves again that he struggles a lot with character elaboration and his films are in so many cases examples of style over substance, sometimes hidden between pompous costumes or impressive special effects. But the story-telling comes short and when he really tries it, then the outcome is frequently disappointing. Just like here. Thumbs down for this movie, I do not recommend it and it lacks realism in pretty much all areas. This is nothing that could have happened in real life whatsoever. Not even close.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Weird Romance with a Flawed Screenplay

The lonely nurse Simone "Sissi" Schmidt (Franka Potente) spends her life with the interns and colleagues at the Birkenhof mental institution where she works. One day, a friend of Sissi from overseas asks her to go the bank to check her inheritance that is in a safe and Sissi goes to the city with a blind patient. Meanwhile the smalltime crook Bodo Riemer (Benno Fürmann) is chased by two men that he had robbed and he provokes an accident. Consequently a truck runs over Sissi while she is crossing the street and Sissi lies under the truck, but she can not breathe. Bodo helps her with a tracheotomy and she becomes infatuated with the guy. Fifty-three days later, she is discharged from the hospital and she seeks out Bodo. However Bodo has a severe trauma from the past and rejects Sissi. Further, Bodo and his brother Walter Riemer (Joachim Król) are planning heist the bank where Walter works. However their lives entwine again when Sissi arrives at the bank where Bodo and Walter are robbing.

"Der Krieger und die Kaiserin" is a weird romance, with an unconventional love story and bizarre characters. However, Bodo is an unlikable character; the shallow screenplay has many flaws and is too long; and the film is boring in many moments. The masturbation scene is silly; there is no explanation why Bodo had background to perform a tracheotomy; the insistence of Sissi in visiting Bodo is annoying; and the participation of Sissi in the heist is ridiculous, and to open a safe in the bank she should have provided her personal data to the clerk. The camera work and the soundtrack are excellent. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Princesa e o Guerreiro" ("The Princess and the Warrior")

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 7 / 10

The Princess And The Warrior ***

Having loved Tykwer's impressively energetic RUN, LOLA, RUN (1998), I was really looking forward to watching his follow-up feature but, somehow, I never managed it until now (I did get to watch his subsequent film, HEAVEN [2002]). Thankfully, it was worth the wait and the result is almost as good. While the film is long and often rambles on rather aimlessly, it is never boring and, at times, disarmingly inventive and emotional; the leading players, especially the enchanting Franka Potente, have a lot to do with the latter quality. THE PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR's main themes are matters of chance and fate but it also features an elaborate bank robbery and a long stretch of it takes place in an insane asylum (where Potente practices some unorthodox therapy on a couple of her patients) which is not too far removed from the one seen in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (1975).

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