The Prize of Peril

1983 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 942

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 9 / 10

Did the makers of The Running Man even read the book or decided to just watch this movie instead?

Prize of Peril (1983) is a real good movie. It's about a unemployed family man who's tired of being poor and wants to give his family a taste of the good life. So he signs up to become a contestant on the hottest show on television,"The Prize of Peril". After the board of directors on the television show decide that he's the one for the job and is slated to run the gauntlet live on T.V. He has to survive for a few hours running a specially designated route from an unknown location in the middle of the city back to the television studio. All the while he's being filmed and followed by a television camera crew. Five hunters are chosen out of thousands of applicants to chase and terminate the runner. Will he win the "Prize of Peril"? Watch it and find out!

A few years later Hollywood decided to remake it as the Running Man. The producers of that film decided not to read the Stephen King book and took only a couple of the characters names from that novel and mixed it with this film. It's a real hoot to see how much the Producers of the Running Man took from this French film. Their are scenes from this movie that are exactly the same as in the Running Man. They even have a final confrontation between contestant and host as in said picture. I encourage you as a movie buff to go out and seek a copy of this film on video.

It may be dubbed and the picture quality is not that great but it's a fun and exciting film. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 10 / 10

French film "Le Prix Du Danger" discusses the extent to which a man can face violence to earn huge sums of money.

When the power of a TV camera is considered to be immense, what would happen if all of a sudden numerous TV cameras are employed to cover an event from all possible angles ? This is the most fundamental question which any viewer might be compelled to ask while watching "Le Prix Du Danger". This Yves Boisset film questions the role of TV especially the notion which accuses TV of legitimizing senseless violence in the name of entertainment. The role of violence and its impact on human lives has also been discussed in this film. A man is the worst enemy of another man in all spheres where money is involved. This assertion seems to be true as a lucky contestant has to beat killers hell bent on killing him. There are huge financial rewards to be obtained if the contestant is able to escape unhurt in a deadly game of life and death. One might say that poverty drives some reckless souls to sacrifice their lives for money. It is also interesting to learn about the reasons which drive ordinary people to become killers. With excellent performances by all leading actors namely Michel Piccoli, Marie France Pisier, Gérard Lanvin and Bruno Cremer, "Le Prix Du Danger" is an important film with concern for existential problems which have always troubled humanity. It is directed by Yves Boisset who has helmed many thrillers in France.

Reviewed by JohnSeal 4 / 10

Le homme en cours d'exécution

I'm going to be a philistine and admit to enjoying The Running Man more than The Prize of Peril. I also preferred The Most Dangerous Game, The Tenth Victim, and Series 7: The Contenders. In fact, of all the films I've seen in which people are being pursued for sport, this is the worst one. Perhaps the film would improve if it were available in French--the English dubbing is appalling--but the film is technically graceless, featuring ugly Eastmancolor cinematography and an unattractive and uninteresting cast. Even Michel Piccoli is unable to save the film, which is neither intellectually vigorous enough to 'make a statement' nor camp enough to simply entertain.

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