The Promised Land

1975 [POLISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

Everything capitalist is evil in this cartoon-like view of history.

I am amazed that this film would have ever been nominated for an Oscar. That's because the film seems very, very one-dimensional in its characterizations and seems much more like a propaganda piece than a historical film. Now I am not saying there weren't some greedy and uncaring industrialists during the Industrial Revolution. However, in this epic from Andrzej Wajda, ALL capitalists are evil scum...ALL. In fact, often there seems to be less attention to a plot and more of an emphasis on characterizing every rich person as lower than pond scum. You see the rich laugh at the hunger of the poor, rape employees, beat their employees, poke wild animals in cages for laughs, get upset when an employee gets torn to bits in the machinery because it messes up the fabric being produced and devote EVERY SECOND to acquiring more and more money. And, when they aren't doing this, they are killing themselves because they have LOST their money! And, oddly, all their women look like characters from a Fellini film. So, all capitalist men are evil...through and through. And, all their women are ugly pigs. Oh, and did I mention that all the Jews I saw in the film were evil money-grubbers?! While the Oscar folks apparently liked it, I consider it a rather hateful film produced by a Soviet-backed government to promote their Marxist view of society. An odd curio, but clearly NOT a film that is very good history or even well written from a non-historical standpoint. Highly overrated.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 10 / 10

Poland's industrialization

I first learned of Andrzej Wajda when he won an honorary Oscar in 2001 (awarded to him by Jane Fonda, whereupon he made his acceptance speech in his native language). In the years since I've made an effort to watch his movies. I've now seen his Academy Award-nominated "Ziemia obiecana" ("The Promised Land" in English). It's based on a novel about a Pole, a German and a Jew who make plans to build a factory in Lodz in the late 1800s. We might not think of 1800s Poland as the industrialized society that England or Germany were, but Wajda's movie makes it look like bastion of raw capitalism that we saw in Charles Dickens's novels.

The movie reminded me of Martin Ritt's "Norma Rae" in showing the conditions in the factory - as contrasted with the opulent lives of the owners - and the owners' reluctance to allowing the workers to form a union. But even beyond that, Wajda's gift for storytelling and his use of staging to put forth the narrative should rank him alongside Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick as one of the greatest directors of all time (anyone who's seen "Ashes and Diamonds" or "Canal" can vouch for that). The clever blend of comedy and drama amount to something that you just have to see.

Reviewed by gbill-74877 7 / 10

Immersive, though long

The scenes inside the factory are stunning, and the attention to detail to immerse the viewer into the industrial revolution of the 1880's is impressive. Nothing calls out the excesses of capitalism more than the scene where right after a worker has died in a machine, the foreman tells everyone to get back to work, and moans over the wasted cotton. At 170 minutes, however, the film is too bloated. There are several fine scenes and some great camera work, but they get lost in a meandering story that should have been focused and about half as long.

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