The Prosecutor the Defender the Father and His Son


Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maricicmilana 10 / 10

Poignant and outstanding

Having read in the description that this is a Bulgarian movie, I was quite surprised when I realized that it's about war in Bosnia and it's many consequences ( briefly and roughly said).The writer and director Iglika Trifffonova is Bulgarian, though. The film is based on a true story - poignant, touching and cruel story about the aftermath of the war, depicted from different perspectives.The plot centers on Milorad Krstic's trial for the war crimes he committed in the Bosnian War. From there on we follow the prosecutor and the defender, both rather professional but who can not stay unaffected in this process, the witness, victims and all of their personal stories - the effort to reach a conviction and justice ("If law didn't exist as a regulator of relations between men, the world would be a horrible place," says the defence lawyer at one point), dealing with the losses of family members and current life in devastated and poor Bosnian villages. One of the topics of the film is also the complexity of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and how its work actually looks like behind the curtains. Writer and director Iglika Trifffonova mentioned in an interview that it took about 10 years of research to prepare for this film and the effort is noticeable. During the whole film I had the impression that I was watching a documentary and not a feature film - that's how authentic and convincing it is, starting with the details like red Volkswagen Golf the characters were driving in Bosnia or citing the Nobel Prize winner, writer Ivo Andric who dedicated quite a lot of his work to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Huge credit for authenticity also goes to brilliant actors. What really surprised me is the some of them are actually Bulgarians who learned Serbian! I couldn't even notice the accent during the film. Finally, don't let the previous reviews and unjustly low ratings turn you away from this film. I suppose that many of these come from the people in Serbia who are still not comfortable dealing with the War in Bosnia and with the Hague Tribunal (especially when the culprits are fellow Serbs).That's why film distributors in Serbia refused to show "The Prosecutor the Defender the Father and His Son", but luckily there are still a couple of good film festivals in Serbia..

Reviewed by mavridisdima 2 / 10

waste of time

This a long and boring story. Set in countries that do not want to remember this kind of past and such events . Especially when the actual topic now are the arriving fugitives from the Middle East .On the Balkans no one will recognize his character in the plot.I am asking as well as the other members of the audience will be questioning themselves to which country of the Balkans is to tell this story but to for the manipulations on behalf of the authors.The story taken our of the countries real background for the invented plot and its strategy. And all this mechanisms of the script are so obvious. The directors work so predictable and unfortunately rather week.So are the actors.

Reviewed by bobanburkovich 1 / 10

focus on your Bulgarian history

The title of this movie it too long. Trust me even longer seamed the time in watching it. When authors are confused in telling their story the result to the audience is mere torture. I wander why on earth Bulgarians are to interfere in Hague and the criminals of war? Imagination is not enough to tell what Serbs have felt. The plot of this film is so invented. So naive.Going along how someone so far from the nerve and emotions would be reflecting on the crimes of war. So very untrue. Whoever had financed this nonsense has poured resources in the desert. For sure there is a huge number of more realistic simply better Bulgarian stories.

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