The Purple Horizon


Romance / War

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 12

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Davian_X 6 / 10

A valuable and near-lost record of old Saigon

Lost for decades, this and several other rare pre-war films from Vietnam were thankfully squirreled away at post-production facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Now housed at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, this body of materials stands as a remarkable document of a bygone time and place. Perhaps the most famous of the lot in its homeland, THE PURPLE HORIZON has thankfully been resurrected on streaming and Bluray, and stands as a remarkable testament to a place and culture that would soon be lost to history.

The plot concerns Phi, a soldier in the south Vietnamese army. Previously injured in battle, he keeps a lover in Saigon, Lien, whom he gets to see on leave in between stints acting as a chauffeur to his commanding officer. Lien seems to have given up much hope on their relationship, though still is excited to see him when he shows up again. The two walk along the beach (shades of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY) and lie in the sand, dreaming of a life together in a private paradise, which they envision in the purple horizon off in the distance. Nevertheless, Lien seems to understand that Phi's heart belongs to his country, and soon he's back on the battlefront, shunted to a dangerous northern outpost by an enemy in the upper brass. Meanwhile, Lien meets another man and falls into an abusive marriage. Returning home from battle again, Phi once more finds his heart torn between love and country. Will he and Lien ever escape to find peace in their Purple Horizon?

Given this is a melodrama, the answer is clearly no, and as someone who doesn't terribly care for the genre, the conclusion of this film didn't do much to change my mind - it's always struck me that there's just not a whole lot of dramatic interest in a pre-ordained downer ending. Nevertheless, the beginning of the film bristles with life. It's well-directed, with excellent lighting in a number of scenes, great 'scope cinematography and some excellent aerial battlefield footage. As well, the film is a fascinating record of a free Saigon. It's hard not to watch and, as a Westerner, gain a greater understanding of the heartache of the Vietnamese diaspora. While the film seems to have been quite popular in its day - several Vietnamese people I've spoken with say their parents remember it, or at least the title song - an intervening half-century off the cultural map has, of course, limited its current imprint. As a result, it's wonderful to see it rediscovered now, safe and sound, and while it sure seems like it must have made a fine piece of popular entertainment at the time, the film's new status as a cultural time capsule has only made it grow more powerful with age. It's worth a look, both for students of history and of the human condition.

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