The Quiet Earth


Action / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Reviewed by Sameir Ali 8 / 10

What if you were the last man on Earth...!!

The movie starts with an amazing sunrise. The magical beauty of this title scene provides the whole curiosity to watch the entire movie.

Zac Hobson wakes up in the morning. He felt something strange about that day. Soon, he discovers that the Earth was deserted; the whole population was vanished. He goes crazy being alone. Then, he tries to live like a king. He gets a female company and they are trying to solve this mystery. Soon, they find the third survivor. The presence of the third man, of course brings jealousy and suspicion.

A cool SciFi movie with a limited number of actors. A very well made movie. It bagged all the 8 awards nominated for the movie at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards. This was the first ever science fiction movie made and produced by the country of New Zealand.

Do not miss this awesome movie.

A must watch.


Reviewed by dungeonstudio 8 / 10

The Quiet Cult Film

The movie starts off with a seemingly hot sunrise, and to a naked man asleep on his bed. The bedside clock reads 6:11, and for a brief moment there's a flash and weird shift to time and space. At 6:12, the man awakes somewhat confused and bewildered, but gets ready to begin his day. On his way to work, he notices there is nary a soul around. Vehicles are abandoned in the middle of the street, and a fiery plane crash with no one on the scene in way of survivors or rescuers. He makes his way to his work at a research facility with a large satellite dish, only to find in it's emptiness that the computers confirm that 'Operation Flashlight' has been initiated. So how did it go so wrong? And why was this man named Zack the sole survivor? On the surface, the movie deals with Zack's attempts to find other humans that may have survived, while enjoying the wealth and recklessness he can experience by having everything to himself. After brief insanity over his isolation, Zack straightens himself out to study where this project went wrong, and study the effects it may still be causing to time and space on the planet, if not the whole universe. And then a young woman appears. Happy to find another living being, the two set out to find more. And come across a macho native Mari. Needless to say, jealousy and contempt soon follow for the three, while at the same time effects from this mass project may eradicate them and the rest of the universe as well. As a romantic drama, with a little bit of sci-fi thrown in, it's not a bad movie. But on a deeper level dealing with psychological fantasy and/or insanity, the movie is more lasting. Are any of these characters really 'alive', or did they bring the others into the fold due to desperation and atonement? Is 'purity' that pure? Is 'savage' that savage? Can we ever live by ourselves with the choices we make and God's will around us? On that level, the movie bodes much better. It doesn't answer things any clearer, but makes the viewer think more for longer after. And I think that's why it has such staying power to this day.

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 5 / 10

The End Is Only The Beginning

The way I see it - All that "The Quiet Earth" comes down to being is just a poor man's version of "I Am Legend".

Even though the release dates between these 2 films is 22 years apart, with The Quiet Earth coming out way back in 1985, long before I Am Legend, it's still impossible not to compare these 2 films, right down the their very last details.

Yes, "Earth" and "Legend" certainly do contain a lot of similarities in their plot-lines, etc., but, just the same, there are definitely some notable differences between these 2 films, as well. For instance, The Quiet Earth's story takes place in New Zealand, while I Am Legend's location is NYC.

Note: The remainder of this review may contain spoilers.

It's at The Quiet Earth's big, climatic finale where this film loses significant points, all due to a technical problem that was quite visibly evident when it came to the presentation of the particular scene.

Whoever it was that set up this final, all-important shot certainly wasn't paying very close attention to what they were doing when it came to keeping all of the imagery as still as possible. And so, as a result of this neglect, the dramatic background matte-images of the planet Saturn as it slowly rises up over Earth's ocean horizon fluctuates rapidly at an alarming rate, which is quite easily noticeable to the naked-eye.

This whole faulty technical blooper was not only incredibly annoying, but it completely ruined the otherwise awesome effect of this scene, reducing what was basically a fairly good film to the level of something quite disappointing and extremely amateurish.

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