The Raffle

1991 [ITALIAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 557

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Monica Bellucci as Francesca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sophouli 4 / 10

This movie is bad!!

I wanted to give this movie a chance but unfortunately I shouldn't. I find hard to think of a nice thing to say about it. The plot is not just weak,but impossible to take seriously,leading to many cringe worthy moments. The acting is extremely bad from pretty much everyone. Also, the directing was poor making the whole result even worse. However,I must admit that Monica Bellucci is gorgeous in almost every scene but that's the only good thing about the whole movie. Of course,that's not enough to make it an even bearable experience,as during the film I was really bored and I was tempted to turn it off. In my opinion, you won't miss anything if you don't watch that awful movie.

Reviewed by donkrishna-dk 4 / 10

Bad Humour

Italian think this is funny??? That is absolutely crazy. They try to be funny from the very beginning but we spectator do not feel the same. I don't watch until the end. For me this is the worst Monica Belluci's film.

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