The Reason I Jump


Action / Documentary / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 512

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ncentia 10 / 10

'This world is our world, there is no other'

Through understanding and listening to people, allowing them to communicate in their own way, we can all move towards better awareness, compassion and work towards ending misunderstanding and mistreatment. Many need to learn to look beyond external difference and see that there is a whole human being, with thoughts, emotions and as much of a right to fulfilling life as any other. I do wish though, that David Mitchell had stayed behind the scenes. Naoki Higashida's message is strong, it doesn't need to be 'neurotypical-splained'. There is enough domination of discussion of autism by parents of autistic children, sidelining actually autistic people who are able to share our own experiences.

Reviewed by matthewssilverhammer 8 / 10

A Life-Changing Watch

This starts a little slow, but once we meet the British family, it quickly becomes maybe the great autistic POV film ever made, one that will forever change how I think about the autism community. The spelling boards were mind-blowing...though I suppose my inspired astonishment at it serves as proof of my (and, I imagine, many other's) ignorance about autism. As the film says: "Neurotypicals are rubbish at understanding anything that isn't neurotypical."

Reviewed by larry-chipps7 4 / 10

Bad Narration

A story about people with autism does not necessarily need to be narrated by someone with autism. But if the narrator speaks in the first person about the challenges of living with autism and they don't actually have the condition, it detracts from the story.

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