The Red Book Ritual



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kikiboo_8 3 / 10

Dumb teens ritual

The only reason I watched this is because I saw it trending on the fmovies homepage. Then I come here and see a very low rating, along with very few ratings and reviews. But I think to myself, I might as well give it a chance anyway, plenty of movies from their homepage end up with a greater number of ratings and reviews after a while.

So, I started watching.

There's just these three typical teens who decide to play a scary game. They get a book with red covers and ask it questions taking turns. Then it turns out the book is evil and basically wants to possess or kill them all. And it shows a few dumb, creepy but uninteresting and unrelated stories along the way. The stories are somewhat scary but they don't have any meaning nor do they mean anything at all for the plot. They're pretty much thrown in there just to fill the screen time. Not pretty much but definitely. It's completely stupid.

Reviewed by imseeg 2 / 10

It's a B-movie and a really terrible one. Almost laughably terrible...

Not any good at all? If I really have to think of something positive to say then I would like to point to the photography, which wasnt bad. Not great, but not bad either. So some kind of attention for detail went into making this movie, BUT...

The bad: these actors are incredibly terrible. They are so terrible at trying to come across scared or dangerous that it is really, honeslty laughable. While it is definitely not intended to be a comedy, but it has got that effect on me.

The story is gibbledigook nonsense. Well, a lot of stories in the movie business dont make sense, but there is a level of silliness that I do not like tot watch and this "movie" is guilty of just such a silliness.

What a waste of time and money.

Recommended to be avoided...

Reviewed by HorrorFilmHellion 4 / 10

An amateur entry for horror anthology seekers only

The appealing artwork on this makes it a bit of a letdown. To cut to the chase, this cannot be compared in the same class as some of the good or great anthology offerings. (It's no V/H/S, Creepshow, Tales of Halloween, Tales from the Darkside, Trick R Treat, or Cat's Eye- just to name a few). It's a random collection of amateur-acted horror shorts to walk through if you seek these out (horror film festival grade). That doesn't mean all the content is bad- a couple or few of the shorts are pretty decent, but most of them have no closure (and lack adequate cohesion to be a "short story"). One happens to be dubbed quite poorly over Korean actors (especially the young girl.. oof!). The synth track overlaying the last short caught my attention several times in a good way; it was probably the best entry (imo). Prepare for some daring nudity in the first short. My rating may be generous, but I'm a seeker.

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