The Red Shoes


Action / Drama / Music / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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Leslie Phillips as Audience member
Patrick Troughton as BBC radio announcer
Robert Helpmann as Ivan Boleslawsky
Moira Shearer as Victoria Page
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wolfstar_imdb 5 / 10

Wonderful dancing, poor drama

The dance scenes are outstanding on every level - direction, production, choreography, talent - I just wish there were more of them. It's to the film's detriment that the framing story that occupies the bulk of its runtime is interminable and wastes Moira Shearer. Simply a filmed version of the ballet would have been far superior, without the dramatically inert framing story tacked on.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 10 / 10

The most successful British film ever made!

NOTES: From a worldwide attendance standpoint, the most successful British film ever made! With an initial rentals gross of over $5 million, number 1 at the U.S./Canadian box-office for 1948, easily beating off challenges from Road to Rio, The Paleface, Easter Parade and Red River, each of whom grossed $4.5 million. Oddly, this superb result was not duplicated in the U.K. itself. The film did manage to claim the number 10 position, but it was beaten by British picture- goers' far greater preferences for (in order) Spring in Park Lane, The Best Years of Our Lives, My Brother Jonathan, The Road to Rio, Life with Father, It Always Rains on Sunday, Naked City, Oliver Twist, and Unconquered. Second to The Paleface at Australian ticket windows for 1949. Number 1 English-language movie at the French box-office. Number two in the 1949 Film Daily poll of American film critics. A New York Times "Ten Best" for 1948. Film debut of Moira Shearer.

COMMENT: A marvelously entertaining movie which succeeds brilliantly — against the odds. The idea of planning the ballet in advance (see Jean Osborne's review below) sounds crackpot to me, but it works. And it just doesn't come off reasonably well, but with power and certitude. Also none too promising were such old hat plot stratagems as a Diaghilev impresario thwarting young love (cf. Waterloo Bridge) and a composer whose music is stolen (cf. the Claude Rains Phantom of the Opera). But thanks partly to absolutely riveting performances; partly to a script crowded with realistically drawn characters, given some wonderfully caustic dialogue, and jam-packed with fascinating incidental touches; partly to masterful direction; partly to evocative music and appealing dancing; partly to superb color in sets and costumes, beguiling outdoor locations and breathtaking production values, The Red Shoes is a masterpiece of absolutely engrossing entertainment. Hard to believe it runs 133 minutes. Seems more like 33.

Needless to say the mysticism and religiosity of Andersen's tale has been completely expunged from the main story, though these elements are still reflected in the ballet.

Reviewed by Maria Trim 10 / 10

Timeless Masterpiece

I was reminded of this film when i watched a modern ballet series called Flesh and Bones. The Red Shoes was mentioned in many of the reviews.

I had watched this film years ago, and decided to revisit it.

What can you say really, the dancing in the middle was simply breathtaking and Moira Shearer such a wonderful dancer.

The impresario takes a young ballerina under his wing.

In Flesh and Bones we have the same with the director who takes a young ballet dancer under his wing.

Both of these characters were like Svengali, and demanded much of the dancers to the point of excluding them a life outside of the dance. Even the premise was similar The Red Shoes a fairy tale, and for me I found Flesh and Bones was a dark and disturbing fairy tale of a young troubled dancer escaping her life and being finally set free by the Knight who slays the dragon.

The one difference was for me it was so innocently produced, no horrific graphical sexual scenes covering such things as incest and sodomy.

The story ended as the Ballet The Red Shoes came to life. It was quite sad at the ending and i must admit I did shed a tear or two on both of them.

I would recommend this film to youngsters who love the ballet, even with dramatic content. The dancing was simply superb the scenery at times breath taking, and i actually felt sorry for the Impresario as i felt he actually was in love with Moria Shearers character, and used her love for the ballet to come back to him.

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