The Red Shoes

2005 [KOREAN]

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 2911

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10

The Curse of the Pink Shoes

After finding that her husband is unfaithful and cheats her with a lover, Sun-jae (Hye-su Kim) moves to a decadent cheap apartment at Goksung Station with her daughter Han Tae-soo (Yeon-ah Park). While traveling home in the subway, Sun-jae finds a pair of pink shoes and brings them home. Tae-soo becomes fascinated by the shoes, which brings greed and jealousy to whoever sees them, while Sun-jae has visions and nightmares with ghosts and blood. When her friend Kim-mi Hee steals the shoes, she has an accident and dies. Meanwhile, the architect decorator Cho-in Choi (Seong-su Kim) that is dating Sun-jae, researches and discloses that the mystery is related to a picture of 1944. His further investigation unravels the tragic fate of the original owner of the shoes.

"Bungongsin" is another creepy and scary South-Korean ghost story, with a dense atmosphere highlighted by a great cinematography and lighting and good special effects. Like in other South Korean horror movies, the final twist in the very end is quite confused but not difficult to understand: Sun-jae is the reincarnation of Oki, a ballet dancer from the 40's that was killed by the jealous Keiko, who also desired the choreographer Jun Ha-Sub that had photographed Oki with her pink shoes. Keiko stole Oki's pink shoes, but was cursed and had a tragic end. The old lady witnessed the crime, and in the present days she shows where Oki's remains are buried. In spite of returning the shoes to Oki, the curse continues and another jealous or obsessive woman will find it again. All the murders in the present days have been committed by Sun-jae. I liked the direction of Yong-gyun Kim and the performances of Hye-su Kim and the girl Yeon-ah Park, but I honestly have not identified in which fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen the story of this film is based on. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sapatos Vermelhos" ("Red Shoes")

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10

Nothing extraordinary to be found here...

First of all I must say that I am puzzled about the statement on the DVD cover; 'genuinely creepy' and 'ghostly disturbing, violent and bloody' The Red Shoes is one of the year's must-see horror films'. I just wonder if I actually watched the same movie as whomever had written that.

The story is about a pair of haunted red shoes - yeah, exactly. Enough said! The storyline was a tad too silly for me and the entire movie was just lacking a proper red line throughout the entire storyline.

The movie wasn't spooky or scary, and it managed to stay afloat and pass as semi-watchable because of the acting performances put on by the cast. But the performances couldn't really manage to lift up the movie because the story was lacking the all-important spice. And as such, this movie was a below average experience.

South Korea do manage to put some really great horror movies out there, but "The Red Shoes" (aka "Bunhongsin") just wasn't one such occurrence.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 7 / 10

The Red Shoes

In 1944, rivals for a man's affections, Keiko and Oki, ends tragically with a pair of pink ballerina shoes as a sort of prize for the victor through a tragic act of violence. 60 years later, the pink shoes are found by an embittered wife, Sun-jae(Hye-su Kim)who happened upon her husband having sex with another woman, on a subway train( the opening of this movie a girl removes the shoes from the hands of another dying horribly when her feet were somehow removed from her legs!). Moving to a rather modest, depressing flat, with daughter Tae-soo(Yeon-ah Park)in tow, Sun-jae possibly finds a new love with a kind, handsome, charming young architect, In-cheol(Seong-su Kim) constructing a new building she plans to work in. But, the shoes have such an allure so volatile that Sun-jae finds herself at odds with her own daughter over them..and there's a history(..and, especially baggage)that follows them which will truly cause nightmarish complications Sun-jae could never possibly imagine.

Like a lot of these kinds of films, there's a complete backstory behind the shoes. They symbolize the tragic repercussions of adultery which will ultimately parallel Sun-jae's own story. But, more importantly, the director establishes, subtly, the results in taking what isn't yours. In this horror tale, when one takes the pink shoes from another they literally lose the feet they wear them on. This correlates with a mistress taking a husband from a wife. In the back story, it's shown that through treacherous Oki's removal of the shoes/husband from Keiko, she prospers and succeeds, but ultimately pays the price for her thievery. Circa 2004, the same goes for how the husband allows his mistress to wear Sun-jae's shoes while making love. But, there's another interesting twist that occurs between Tae-soo and Sun-jae regarding the fulfilling of roles with the shoes as a supernatural catalyst. This is a downer of a movie, I must tell you. We see how the tragedies of the past come back to haunt characters in the present. The ending, regarding the fates of those at the hands of Sun-jae, motivated by *another*, certainly left me stunned. Perhaps, it'll have the same effect with you.

It seems that this film is interpreted by people differently, so I could be absolutely wrong with my assessment with this film. Some believe that Sun-jae is one of many characters. These theories give me a head ache, so see for yourself.

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