The Resonator: Miskatonic U



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Jeffrey Byron as Professor Tillinghast
Amanda Wyss as Professor McMichaels
Michael Paré as Professor Wallace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spekterbreaksbeats 7 / 10

For Stuart Gordon. Artist. Dreamer. Storyteller. Legends Never Die.

Seeing this banner at the very first second of the first video is all you need to know. Second of all there is more than one episode available now! Thank you so much Full Moon for giving new life to my favorite Full Moon characters! Crawford Tillinghast played by Dane Oliver is an awesome smashup of Dean's rugged handsomeness and West's comical seriousness as well as Crawford's commitment to excellence. Love this cast and the introduction to new characters. Loved Michael Pare as the Professor and Amanda Jones as Carrie along with Austin Woods as Brandon. Amanda Wyss brings us the nice balance of occult magic melded with science. The concept of the resonator has always fascinated me. They say that people that catch glimpses of otherwordly entities such as ghosts or aliens or demons have a heightened acuity of perception from an active pineal gland and therefore are looking to create a device to unlock the pineal activity in common users to peer beyond the veil of the known universe. Great work from William Butler staying true to the practical effects and puppetry and it was great to see Phillip Tillinghast played by vet Jeffrey Byron. Nice effects and creature work from Greg Lightner and Michael Deaks Resonator design! Looking forward to the continued legacy of Full Moon and Stuart Gordon. This wet my appetite in a way that left me with a sufficient hunger for more!!! Looking forward to more installments and soon! Don't leave us diehard fans hangin now!!!

Reviewed by J6walk 9 / 10


The special effects could use an upgrade, but the story line drew me in quickly and kept my attention. Some of the scenes are pretty intense. The dude that plays the football player is hilarious.

Reviewed by frankblack-79961 6 / 10

A mixed bag of sorts. I have a Love/Hate thing going on for this.

The positive. They resurrected a great film by Gordon. Got the basics correct. The negative. Horrid effects in places. I mean just awful. The practical effects are decent. Overuse of cgi and the effects aren't very good. Truly some poor cgi work. Costumes are passable at least. Story is kind of meh. Better than nothing I guess. I have a feeling this show will get very opposing opinions.

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