The Return


Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4 10 143

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Sara Thompson as Beth Struman
Richard Harmon as Rodger Emmerlich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcovianelloarchi 9 / 10

Compelling and unpredictable

If you ever think you will find a splatter movie or a millionaire production in The Return, then you can only be disappointed. If you are looking for a film built with passion, with a compelling and unpredictable plot and with a great cast, with authentic characters then don't miss this movie.

Reviewed by mzunah 1 / 10


Very bad no storyline.waste of time not recommended for any one.

Reviewed by xroastedink 2 / 10

Not as predictable as I thought, but...

I realize that this was an indie horror film, but the effects were awful no matter how you slice it. I expect effects like that from late 80's/early 90's horror. Not everything has to be CG when you don't have the budget for the good stuff. The lack of creativity there was disheartening.

The acting was the second biggest disappointment. I found the characters unconvincing and Jordan was just a tad cliche over-obnoxious.

Granted, it was just entertaining enough to stick with it until the end. I found it odd that it was assumed that the mother was trying to kill her son because she thought he was his dad. The entity very clearly calls him "Roger" several times. I didn't catch whether he and his father shared the same name, so it was a bit confusing in that regard. And what was with the pinwheel? "Boys don't play with pinwheels." was one of the first lines in the film. Maybe that was thrown in to show that the matriarch of the family favored her daughter over her son, or just to show she was a bit off. I personally never thought that particular plaything was geared toward any sex.

Also, why include creepy dolls and not do anything fun with them?

It's something to watch to kill time, I suppose. It had potential that was, sadly, wasted.

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