The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu


Adventure / Mystery / Romance

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Neil Hamilton as Dr. Jack Petrie
Warner Oland as Dr. Fu Manchu
Jean Arthur as Lia Eltham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steve-171 5 / 10

Early talkie creaks a bit, still has some chills.

Early talkie features pre-Charlie Chan Warner Oland as maniac Fu Manchu, seeking revenge on murderers of wife and child. Primitive in technique, sound quality poor and camera nailed to the floor for long stretches, and definitely not Sax Rohmer's idea of the Devil Doctor, but still has atmosphere, good snappy ending and a few genuine chills along the way. Try not to gag at the comic relief.

Reviewed by gridoon2022 4 / 10

Insufferable sequel, though the last 2 minutes are reasonably exciting!

The first film ("The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu") was barely watchable, and this follow-up is not much better. It's about 90% talk and 10% action. Warner Oland has screen charisma but his arch-nemesis, O.P. Heggie (playing Inspector Smith) has almost none, so their supposedly grand "battle of wits" is mostly just a tedious exchange of words. But the last 2 minutes ARE reasonably exciting - if you make it that far. *1/2 out of 4.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 2 / 10

You can't keep a good ghoul down!

It's more of the same as the vengeful Fu Manchu makes a sudden return from the dead just as former ward Jean Arthur is about to marry Neil Hamilton. Nelly Sylvester the butler is back too with his stereotypical prattle. If you can get thru the funeral opening (where an Asian chorus wails like our of tune bees) without getting a headache, then you're set for managing to make it through the remainder of this sequel.

More bad acting from the three stars and Evelyn Hall as an uppity society matron who confronts Fu Manchu out of shear stupidly. Oland's motives, fairly plausible in the first film, just become maddening here, and his acting far more mannered and labored. Arthur seems like a B actress in a serial and needed much more training to get to the top where she was better served in comedy. Hamilton is fairly spared embarrassment. Of character actors cast in obviously gay roles, William Austin is one of the most obnoxious. Add in O.P. Heggie for further over-acting which is up there with those delightfully silly Tod Slaughter British melodramas. The only thing Oland doesn't do is twirl his mustache.

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