The Return of the Native



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 623

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Catherine Zeta-Jones as Eustacia Vye
Ray Stevenson as Clym Yeobright
Clive Owen as Damon Wildeve
Celia Imrie as Susan Nunsuch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by r_bex4eva 8 / 10

Not bad...but the last 20 minutes REALLY spoilt it

I gave it an 8 out of 10 primarily for the fact that it had a lot to live up to and on the whole did it well.


So here are the good bits: The cast were superb. I couldn't have cast anyone better myself than Catherine Zeta Jones for Eustacia Vye, she fitted the role perfectly. Damon Wildeve and Clym Yeobright I also felt were very successful at living up to Hardy's original characters, and the rest of the cast were equally good. Most of the first hour was good, though a lot of the lines were completely created and not taken from the original text, it did stick to the original book quite sufficiently. It included the mummer's play which I felt certain they'd leave out, and the gypsying event that Eustacia attends was done very well. Also, Clym and Eustascia's courting was done nicely.

Now for the negatives: Up until Mrs Yeobright's death I quite liked it. Even though Wildeve's and Thomasin's wedding was completely messed up (Clym shouldn't have been there, Eustacia should have given Thomasin away - which I would have like to have seen, Susan Nunsuch shouldn't have stabbed Eustacia then etc) and Clym and Eustacia's meeting wasn't true to Hardy (there was no bucket incident I'm afraid)it was still overall good. Then Mrs Yeobright died - OF A HEART ATTACK!!!! When did Mrs Yeobright die of a heart attack???? I felt that it was an important detail that she died from exhaustion and was stung by an adder - as by using the adder fat to rub on the wound, Clym - the modern man - was shown reverting back to old, superstitions and remedies. But was from a heart attack. And It wasn't just little Johnny who was there to witness was the whole of the heath! This definitely lost dramatic impact as the climatic line when Johnny burst into the abandoned mud hut "she told me to tell you I'd seen the face of a broken hearted woman cast off by her son" was really underplayed. And then after this it all went down hill. Clym didn't rave and whine, and wasn't seen as pathetic. We didn't grow distant from him as we do in the book, and our sympathies weren't entirely with Eustacia as they should have been. Eustacia and Clym's relationship didn't show a dramatic decline, and so when Eustacia left, it seemed a bit melodramatic as they weren't really arguing at all. Thomasin never gave birth to little Eustacia, a poignant irony disappointingly left out (and whilst I remember there was no such issue with money - no guineas, no inheritance for Wildeve -not even any gambling and glow worms.) And the ending just took the biscuit. In the book I cried when Eustacia and Wildeve died, no I didn't, I literally sobbed! When watching this I was nearly reduced to laughing it was just so bad! The whole stormy heath scene was terrible! Eustacia had no soliloquy ("I have been blighted and injured and crushed by things beyond my control!…) so it wasn't such a loss when she died and Wildeve's lyrical line "O! My darling!" was excluded so his tragic hero image was completely absent. There was no build up, no climax, nothing. I felt really disappointed by this point. And just when I thought the ending couldn't possibly get any worse, along comes Eustacias ghost! Cue me dieing myself! Unfortunately very cheaply done, it possessed no sentimental value and on the whole was just quite hilarious - a future note for director Jack Gold, don't use that one again.

Thankfully though it missed most of book six - After courses out…which to be perfectly honest is a dreadful read!

So it sounds like I hated it…just to make clear I didn't hate the whole of it just the ending. Perhaps in future I'll stop it before Mrs Yeobright dies.

Reviewed by ADORA 10 / 10

Beautifully done!

This movie is very well done! The acting is exceptional! It is a wonderful adaptation of the novel. I was enthralled from the beginning. The gorgeous landscapes, & beautiful period costumes help to make this movie a must see! I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Yaron-6 10 / 10

Heart Breaking

Now here is an example of how a movie can be worth to a novel it's based on. And if you didn't read the book first (like I didn't), it can break your heart. Because it's a TV movie it never received the full recognition it deserves. I think that had it been done in Hollywood, with all the whistles and bells, it would have been a hit, and Catherine Zeta Jones would have had her 1st academy award.

I've got to admit I am a Catherine Zeta Jones fan, but at the time I saw this movie on TV I never heard her name. She got here a chance to show her acting skills, and she took it with both hands. Eustacia Vye is so hypnotising and full of passion and dreams, and has such bad lack, it breaks your heart.

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