The Revolt of the Slaves

1960 [ITALIAN]


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Fernando Rey as Valerio
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Sex And Gospel

Rhonda Fleming would shortly be ending her big screen career and would henceforth do roles mostly for television. I'm sure that Revolt Of The Slaves might have had a lot to do with that decision. It was a project of her's and the man whom she would soon marry, Lang Jeffries.

This is a Christian martyr film along the lines of The Sign Of The Cross and Quo Vadis. But Fleming's film takes place much later than the early Empire years of those classics. She plays Fabiola who in real life had an interesting story to tell, but this isn't it.

Nor for that matter are the stories of Sebastian and Agnes two other noted martyrs. The lives of Fabiola, Sebastian, and Agnes inter lap chronologically, but they apparently never knew each other unlike how The Revolt Of The Slaves tells the tale.

Jeffries plays Vibio a Christian slave who Fleming takes one look at stripped down and in the true DeMille tradition of sex and gospel falls for him. But Vibio missed the course in turning the other cheek. He's going to fight for his fellow believers in the way he was trained as a gladiator.

One fascinating bit of history that I will have to look up and change my review if it is correct, but this is the only Peplum film I've seen that has the Romans using black African mercenaries. Emperor Massimiano played by Dario Moreno apparently doesn't trust his Roman Guards and he's got a private army of black guards whom he uses for things like suppressing the heresy of Christianity.

They have a white commander, a sniveling little ferret of a human being played by Serge Gainsbourg. He has a death scene to beat all and I won't say another word. You should see Revolt Of The Slaves for that alone.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

spaghetti sword and sandal

Vibio is being brought to be sold as a slave. He tries to escape and gets caught quickly. Before he is punished, Claudius bribes the overseer and buys Vibio. Claudia is Claudius' entitled daughter. Many are drawn to the new Christian church. Most are slaves like Vibio but there are some Romans including the powerful Sebastiano. Corvino is trying to track them down and pushing Emperor Massimiano to eliminate them.

This is an Italian sword and sandal flick. It's better than most of this genre. The second half gets a bit messy but the ending is quite good. It arrives in the correct place. All in all, it's not going to win any awards but it has some good aspects.

Reviewed by ArtVandelayImporterExporter 4 / 10

Revolt of the Zombies

I could never quite put my finger on what seemed ''off'' about the acting in Christian persecution films (usually disguised as sword-and-sandal movies). Any time they're talking about Jeevus or attending mass in the catacombs or looking up to the skies to be saved from some calamity, the characters always look zonked out, like their eyes are open by no lights are on in their brain pans ., They all walk around in their state, barely showing any human emotion, pledging their affinity for some fairy tale being. How is that different from zombies, barely showing any human emotion, looking for brains to eat? Watch Quo Vadis, Ben-Hur, The Robe, Barabbas. They're all zombies wearing loin clothes. You read it here first.

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