The Risk


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 167

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Peter Cushing as Professor Sewell
Donald Pleasence as Parsons, alias Bill Brown
Ian Bannen as Alan Andrews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BJJManchester 6 / 10

Adequate UK TV-style Low-Budgeter

A decently made,fairly entertaining attempt to make a mini-budget suspense spy thriller with a very familiar British cast;the supporting players are actually more characterful than leads Tony Britton and Virginia Maskell;Ian Bannen was usually cast in intense roles and he does a fine job here as a tortured and tragic soul disabled by circumstance,and there's reliable support from such British stalwarts as Donald Pleasence,Thorley Walters,Raymond Huntley and Kenneth Griffith.The quirkiest performance though comes from legendary comic genius Spike Milligan as an Irish caretaker;his scenes of comic relief work quite well,though there isn't enough of them.

The limitations of production sometimes work against the film,as does a fairly routine and unremarkable plot,but some neat touches by the Boultings,as well as the above performers,make SUSPECT a perfectly watchable effort.

Reviewed by kevinolzak 6 / 10

Peter Cushing and Ian Bannen

1960's "The Risk" (British title "Suspect") was a lower budgeted effort from Roy and John Boulting, made in 17 days on a wager since they had three weeks of studio time booked and had finished their most recent production ahead of schedule. Leading its distinguished supporting cast is third billed Peter Cushing as Professor Sewell, heading a close knit group of research scientists whose findings on bacteria and germ warfare are ready to be published, but quickly silenced by their concerned government, afraid that enemies could use their findings against humanity. Sewell and his staff are outraged, but it's the less experienced youngsters who prove to be too impatient, endangering the entire project by allowing themselves to become pawns of a war veteran (Ian Bannen) embittered by the loss of both arms. The little known leads, Tony Britton and Virginia Maskell (a tragic suicide in 1968), are easily overshadowed by their veteran co-stars, especially Thorley Walters as security chief Prince, Sam Kydd his number one aide, and Donald Pleasence as the mysterious Bill Brown, who insists he can find a way to publish the report. On such a short shooting schedule that would do Roger Corman proud, it's the experienced players that keep the plot simmering. Between classic turns in "The Flesh and the Fiends" and "The Brides of Dracula," Peter Cushing enjoys a rare change of pace, a bespectacled, older man of reason in gray hair and mustache, tinkering with props such as a pipe and stop watch. His final speech touching upon responsibility to the law is a moving one: "you are young enough to be sure that you are right, I am old enough to be sure of only one thing, that I can be wrong."

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 7 / 10

Unusual film from the Boultings

This is a film that was made by the Boultings at about the time they were preparing I'm Alright Jack.It contains some pretty odd characters.Virginia Maskell who was engaged to amputee Ian Bannen but is still living with him.Bannen himself playing the amputee who for some reason has to have most things done for him despite the fact that even in the sixties prosthetic limbs were available.There is also the secret service portrayed by Nigel Stock as bumbling but effective.At the time this film was made the country was getting over the shock of the defections to Russia and the errors made by the secret service.Donald Pleasance is effective as the seedy go between.Peter Cushing also stands out as the head of the department,whilst Tony Britton makes the best of a rather thankless role.A very interest and almost unknown film.

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