The Road to Salina

1970 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.8 10 639

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Mimsy Farmer as Billie
Ed Begley as Warren
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevenfallonnyc 10 / 10

One of the best ever!

One of my favorite films of all time, maybe even my very fave. A drifter lands in a situation in the middle of nowhere, pretending to be a long-lost son in order to shack up for a while. But what seems simple gets really complicated for him, as he's faced with situations that make him get deeper involved than he ever intended. This film never bores and has many great twists and turns, as the viewer tries to determine just who knows what, and what everyone's motives may be. The cast is just great, and the final moments of the film where it all comes together are incredible. I always felt the photography, direction, and music gave this film a certain 'feel" that's hard to match. It shows the remoteness and desperation of the characters, to whom loneliness is the most dreaded disease. A DVD release would be a godsend.

Reviewed by arrowinstall 10 / 10

Sadly over looked film..

Road to Salina is a sadly over looked film that has allot of what people can enjoy in a movie. Of course you have to be into the whole open idea about the film's theme of a suggestive incest. From the start there is a tension set in the film (thanks to Barbet Schroeder)that will hold your attention. Many people wish to see Rita Hayworth's last film. If you get a chance to watch it be sure you are in the mood (70's....) to give it time to build to the climax... you might be amused with the ending.

Reviewed by grantch 10 / 10

absorbing mood piece

an immensely satisfying film which grabs you from the beginning and never causes you to lose interest ... Just what is going on? Ironically this film was meant as a "come back" for Rita Hayworth and her poignant portrayal is worth the price of entry. Mimsy Farmer is super, as always (does anyone know why her career seems limited to these imported suspense movies) and Robert Walker Jr. is right on target as the narrator of the tale.

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