The Sadness

2021 [CHINESE]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1470

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by veganluke 8 / 10

Over the top and brilliant

The Sadness is one of the most over the top, ridiculous films I have ever seen. I couldn't believe how gory this got. It's absolutely wild and I loved it so much. It's utterly disturbing too with some of the things it does. Just when you think it can't get anymore disturbing it ups that completely. It's fast paced, as soon as everything hits it just gets outrageous and it is brilliant. With it being full pedal to the metal and being incredibly stressful and tense. There's a moment it slows down and it's good to have this moment so you can have a breather before we get pulled back in and punched straight in the face with the extreme scenes and buckets of blood. The Sadness does have many horrific scenes and it's some of the most shocking stuff I've seen in some time. It is though one of the most brilliant Horrors I've seen recently, it's so well made, never holds back with how far it will go and keeps you on the edge throughout. I can't wait to watch this again!

Reviewed by heretic369 6 / 10

"The crossed" in asian version

What is the human without constraints? A monster.. In "the sadness" a virus mutation transforms the infected! - this has nothing to do with zombies, nothing at all - into such unregulated creatures.

For fans of "the crossed" from Garth Ennis, this will be quite known territory. Although where Crossed can show this happening at a broader scale "the sadness" always seems quite limited. Even though there are a few nice Splatter scenes and especially the beginning is quite atmospheric, the more the movie nears it´s -predictable- ending, the less is actually happening.

Six points for the bravery to actually try this kind of stuff. Could have been much better though.

Reviewed by kikkimikki 9 / 10

Made for fans of splatter and gore

Reminds me of the comic «Crossed». People get infected become demented vile killer/rapists. The story is basic but I like it that way. Some might want more story but for what it is it delivers. Had the gore been more creative and graphic I would give it 10.

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