The Scar of Shame


Crime / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 405

Keywords:   silent film

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

A bit heavy-handed but good

This film was made for Black-American audiences and stars an all-Black cast. The film in many ways is a social commentary, as again and again it points out that good and respectable citizens are a product of good upbringing and environment. From this theme, you can infer that there were many well-educated and more upwardly mobile Blacks who felt that improved social conditions would eventually lead to equality and opportunity.

The film is about a decent lighter-skinned Black man who seems to always be coming to the rescue of someone who is being oppressed, as he has a very strong sense of justice. However, this decent instinct within him make him blind to the importance of nurturing on adult behavior. He makes the mistake of falling for a poor lady who was abused by her awful step-father, so the film make it appear that she is pretty much predestined to pull this decent man into the gutter with her. While all this is very entertaining, it also seems like a rather stereotypical view of the world! Despite this and all the evil that she dumps on this poor Sir Gallahad, by the end, good does prevail. Huzzah! The acting is pretty good as are most of the production values, though the script is a bit heavy-handed and preachy. Of course, in the late 1920s, this was true of some mainstream pictures as well, so this can be somewhat forgiven. Still, after all these years, the film is pretty entertaining and a wonderful time capsule into the past.

Reviewed by tavm 7 / 10

The Scar of Shame was an interestingly good silent "race movie" drama

Since it's once again Black History Month, I thought I'd once again review various movies made by people of color for the occasion. This production of the Colored Players Film Corporation (which was co-founded by one African-American, Sherman H. Dudley, a former stage performer) was quite compelling as a cautionary drama though the melodramatic trappings do permeate. Still, there were quite some good performances by the cast of which one of them, a Lucia Lynn Moses, was quite alluring in going from a victimized girl to one trying to be more seductive. It's interesting finding out on this site she filmed this in Philadelphia while also commuting to New York as a chorus girl at the Cotton Club. I don't feel like revealing much else so on that note, I recommend The Scar of Shame.

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10

Good if somewhat overly melodramatic

An all black silent film made exclusively for black audiences in the 1920s (back then theatres were segregated). Poor but beautiful Louise Howard (Lucia Lynn Moses) is beaten by her stepfather (William E Pettus) but dreams of a better life. She meets good honest Alvin Hillyard (Harry Henderson) and he falls in love with her. But her stepfather and evil Eddie Blake (Norman Johnson) aren't going to let her go without a fight.

Interesting from a historical standpoint and not too bad as a drama either. It does get overly melodramatic with a lot of eye-rolling speeches and gets more than a little ridiculous during it's last half hour but I was never bored. The acting is actually pretty good and it moves quickly. Also the cards telling us what's going on have some interesting designs. When Blake is introduced there's a wolf shown on the title card! So, a pretty good movie. Also interesting to see how blacks were shown and treated back then. A 7.

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