The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption


Action / Adventure / Fantasy


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Dave Bautista as Argomael
Ron Perlman as Horus
Kelly Hu as The Sorceress
Billy Zane as Talus
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Reviewed by crmarkie-784-893409 7 / 10

Not as bad as people make it sound, a decent diversion

OK, this is not Conan and it's not 'really' Scorpion King in anything but name. But having said that, I think other reviewers are being too harsh. I found this movie to be an enjoyable evening's diversion. The action sequences are fun to watch, the acting is decent (if a bit hammy in places), and the story line is pretty good. The settings are richly decorated and the battle scenes look fairly well done. In other words, nothing spectacular here, but certainly not lacking some charm. Billy Zane is evil fun as always, with the glare and voice that exude malevolence. Victor Webster does a decent job as Mathayus, giving him a good blend of humor and sad weariness. Bostin Christopher started off as a bit too buffoonish as Olaf, but grew on me as the movie progressed. And Krystal Vee is a delight as Silda, a role she fills with surprising depth. The film has enough action and plot twists to keep you entertained, just don't be looking for high cinema.

Reviewed by vanhomelen 2 / 10

Inconsistent story and cheap looking effects

Watching the previous movies created some level of expectation. Regrettably this film doesn't meet up to any of them. The story seems to contain weird gaps and the whole setting looks like they plundered a store with costumes for carnivals. In the same army there are Indian looking soldiers along with Roman legionnaires. Also they should've fired the editor and director. Filming a fight from 2 sides and in the middle of the jump the persons change position! The only thing worth looking at is Krystal Vee, since she is quite an attractive girl and she throws in some girl power. However, her role is very unrealistic. All in all, not a film to put on your want-list.

Reviewed by cookiepapple 9 / 10

This movie helped me find out who I really am!

I watched this movie at a pool party at my stepmother's place. She rented it from red box earlier in the day and let us watch it in the pool.

Much of the action is live. Ron Perlman's character is a sleaze like usual. I noticed how much I despised his character. He reminds me so much of my king. My king is very cruel and unwise; slow to take a hint. I love the ending when Ron Perlman is pretty much just getting fisted by our heroes.

My step mother asked me if I liked the movie. I said, "Very much. Thank you." I got out of the pool and dried off.

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