The Secret Cinema


Comedy / Horror

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

fun inventive little movie

Jane is a single secretary in NYC. Her boss Mr. Troppogrosso is pushing her to go on a date with him. Her boyfriend Dick dumps her. Her mother tells her about a secret cinema. She starts to suspect her life is being filmed. Her best friend coworker Helen prepare her for the date with a ridiculous hairdo. She finds a cinema showing her life with many people she knows in attendance. She faints and the cinema is gone. She goes to her therapist desperate for help.

It's a wonderful no-budget 30 minute short from the warped mind of Paul Bartel. The idea of a personal reality show is not mainstream yet and it's not until 1998 that 'The Truman Show' is released. It's an inventive idea from left field. The low budget feel actually works for this movie giving it an underground tone. Amy Vane is awesome and it's too bad that she didn't continue to act. This is fun little movie.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 9 / 10

Excellent early short by Paul Bartel

Secretary Jane (a solid and sympathetic performance by Amy Vane) suspects that not only is her life being secretly filmed by others, but also that the resultant movies are being watched by various friends and acquaintances at clandestine screenings.

Writer/director Paul Bartel does an expert job of exploring a dark edgy line in urban paranoia, makes neat use of New York City locations, and maintains a zippy pace throughout. Moreover, the basic premise about modern forms of voyeurism and technology intruding on one's privacy remains timely and topical even today, as confirmed by the popularity of all these so-called "reality" TV shows. The fine acting by the capable cast keeps things humming, with especially stand-out contributions from Connie Ellison as the ambitious Helen, Gordon Felio as overbearing boss Mr. Troppogrosso, and Barry Dennen as a condescending kook psychiatrist. Fred Wellington's sharp and dynamic hand-held cinematography provides a crackling kinetic buzz while the jaunty score by The Rusty Nails evokes the peppy vibe of vintage silent comedy reels. A nifty precursor to "The Truman Show," it's essential viewing for Bartel fans.

Reviewed by funkyfry 7 / 10

Nice little horror comedy

"The Secret Cinema of Paul Bartel" is an extraordinary little low-budget/independent short film. To me it looks like the director Bartel is combining a story concept that could work on "The Twilight Zone" with the cinematic sensibilities of the French New Wave. The resulting film captures our attention and manages to wring savage humor out of the main character's horrifying situation. This is a sign of things to come from Bartel, who created several memorable satires in his later career (most memorably "Deathrace 2000" and "Eating Raoul").

Jane (Amy Vane) is a young secretary who may or may not be the subject of a "reality" film about her life. We first see her resisting the advances of her flatulent boss, all shown in silent comedy style. Soon she's being urged to go out with the man to advance her career, and hints begin to appear that erode her concept of her own privacy.

I think it's significant that the film being made about her is a comedy. Comedy is an inherently sadistic media, and being the object of humor makes Jane rather a pathetic character. Somehow Bartel manages to make US laugh at her as well, that's the real difference between this work of genius and the many lesser imitations and variations. Apparently Bartel himself remade the film as an episode of "Amazing Stories". I haven't seen it but it's hard to imagine that a slick television version of this story would have even a fraction of this version's crude power.

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