The Sensuous Assassin

1970 [FRENCH]

Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 390

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Romy Schneider as Marina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 1 / 10

A (very very)poor man's Hitchcock.

Frankly I doubt Schneider herself said that this movie "set the tone for her future roles".If such was the case,what a poor taste she used to have.Actually,it was rather "la piscine" made the year before,that boosted her career that was on the wane after the Sissi saga (forever my love).

Romy Schneider teamed up again with Maurice Ronet (who was in "la piscine" too),but this time with laughable results.Leonard Keigel,the director ,wrote a screenplay in which the paucity of the ideas is so glaring that only a member of the audience who has never seen a Hitch ,Chabrol ou Clouzot movie could enjoy this poor would - be suspense thriller.Keigel hired Chabrol's dialogue writer,Paul Guégauff:probably horrified by the emptiness of the story,he made up for it with a lot of swear-words.

I wonder why talented actors like Ronet and Schneider agreed to make such a bomb;besides,the supporting actors do not "support" at all:Keigel's wife ,Simone Bach and Gabriele Tinti,sink into utterly ridiculous ham. The songs ,in English ("who are you" ) sung by a Dutch band ,Wallace Collection ,would nicely fit in a commercial for Martini.The critical reception was so disagreeable in France at the time ("a film made of brics,bracs and thingummies") that Keigel was not to made another movie before 1977.And it was his last one.

Reviewed by gridoon2021 6 / 10

Slight French thriller with a sensuous Romy Schneider

Thematically, "Qui?" could be classified as "in the Claude Chabrol vein": a fatal accident, a man dies, a woman survives, she feels that someone is watching her, so she goes to stay with the dead man's brother, they start an affair, etc. But was it really an accident? Did the woman have any responsibility for what happened? Did the man really die? Is his brother genuinely seduced by her, or is he just obsessively trying to find out the truth? Compared to Chabrol, Leonard Keigel has a faster and more gimmicky style: he does a good job of creating a sense of paranoia and uncertainty. Ultimately, his story is too contrived (SPOILER: what are the chances of another corpse of the same age, height, hair color, clothing, etc., who has spent about the same time in the water, washing up at the right time and the right place? END SPOILER) for "Qui?" to be anything more than a minor thriller, however it's still worth seeing, especially for Romy Schneider fans: she is truly hot in this movie. The virtually unknown Simone Bach, as Ronet's ex-wife, is simply adorable. **1/2 out of 4.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10

colourful and ever engaging

Something really quite different here and although it is rather far fetched, it is nevertheless rather beguiling and I enjoyed it anyway. I also enjoyed it despite the soundtrack and naff songs, although I notice some really liked what I would dismiss as typical French pop songs of the period. Well photographed, this almost had a arty look to it at times and if this look is not sustained there is plenty that is good. The cliff top scenes at the start, some city shop window reflections and of course 'the accident' are all very well shot. Some of the interiors are a bit wordy (a French habit) and whilst there are some nice costumes, nothing as ravishing as if this had been an entirely Italian production. And, I can resist no more, Romy Schneider is lovely and carries out her difficult and rather complex role very well indeed. As I say all a bit silly but, bright, colourful and ever engaging.

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