The She-Creature


Fantasy / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 12%
IMDb Rating 3.7 10 1664

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Bess Flowers as Party Guest
Chester Morris as Dr. Carlo Lombardi
Cathy Downs as Dorothy Chappel
Tom Conway as Timothy Chappel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mr. OpEd 1 / 10

77 of the Slowest Movie Minutes. But Marla English, EEEEOW!

Directed by Edward (50 movies a year) Cahn and written by Lou Rusoff (who also penned Dragstrip Girl, Cat Girl, Runaway Daughters, Apache Woman, Oklahoma Woman, and Girls in Prison; hmmm, I notice a violent femme pattern here), the She Creature is notable for Albert Kallis evocative poster, Paul Blaisdell's terrific prehistoric "she" monster (complete with scaly hooters), and the mesmerizingly gorgeous Marla English in what appears to have been her last role. Actually, it's hard to call this a "role" as she spends most of her time in a trance lying on her back. Also spending the movie in a trance is Lance Fuller, though he's supposed to be fully conscious. Fuller's acting expressions range from "gee that's a tight sweater" to "gee that's a tight dress" to `gee my pants are tight.' The snidely-whiplash villain, Dr. Carlo Lambardi, is played by Chester Morris with the seriousness of a man passing his 15th kidney stone. But the real villain, is the She Creature! Sort of. The She Creature, while looking cool, is about as menacing as Lobster Themidor. No one seems to notice that, while bullets can't stop her, she can be outrun by a snail on crutches. Instead, in Z-movie tradition, folks just stand around and get clobbered to death. The movie's budget must have been as tight as English's sweater because bullets don't even leave dust marks on the monster's Victoria's Secrety bosom. Shot on location in Malibu! Whatever happened to Marla?!?!

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

An endearingly creaky Grade Z 50's creature feature hoot

Powerful, resentful and diabolically clever hypnotist Carlo Lombardi (deliciously played with lip-smacking suave menace by Chester Morris) puts his beautiful lady assistant Andrea (the strikingly lovely Marla English) under his evil spell and causes her to transform into a hideously ugly, scaly, clawed murderous prehistoric she beast (famed 50's monster make-up maven Paul Blaisdell in a fabulously funky rubber suit) which bumps off people he hates. Moreover, Lombardi joins forces with equally amoral greedy rick jerk Timothy Chappel (a nicely wicked portrayal by Tom Conway) so he can achieve fame and fortune predicting the next killing. Boy, is this one enjoyably cruddy low-budget 50's creature feature schlock horror hoot! It's got all the usual bad film vices (or are they virtues?) which make this kind of dross so entertainingly awful: blah direction, incredibly slow pacing, chintzy cinematography, some very poor acting (Lance Fuller as Lombardi's rival gives a performance that's so flat and wooden you can use it as a diving board), a hokey script, a seedy seaside California location, blundering idiot cops, lousy dialogue, a laughably sluggish'n'shambling monster that's more silly than scary, and a rousing cornball spacey'n'spooky score. A bit dull and talky in spots, but overall still loads of delectably cheesy B-horror fun.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 4 / 10

"She comes from the beginning of time, huge and indestructible."

Either something's wrong with me or I've been watching too many of these grade Z horror flicks; I really didn't find this to be so bad. Now don't get me wrong, this clearly isn't anywhere near "Casablanca" territory, but it had all the elements of a creepy late night scare fest, especially if you're about nine or ten years old. Like Chester Morris in the lead role as the villainous Dr. Carlo Lombardi, keeping his lovely female assistant (Marla English) under a hypnotic spell as he regresses her into the spirit and form of a prehistoric she-creature. He calls it a 'transmigration of the soul', I just love it when a film utilizes that kind of pseudo-scientific babble to support it's plot.

However unlike other screen villains, Lombardi is not only committed to his mission of calling forth an all powerful presence across the span of ages, he's also out to make a buck off of it. Can you imagine, Lombardi's benefactor Chappel (Tom Conway) turns him into a money machine with books and a lecture tour to cash in on the she-beast; you would think it was the year 2008 instead of 1956!

Say, remember when police Lieutenant James listens to a conversation he had with Dr. Lombardi on a tape recorder? He actually asked for the recorder some time AFTER he spoke with Lombardi, so who recorded the conversation?

But you know what makes the picture so goofy in the final analysis? When the she creature eventually confronts some of the principals, they never think to utilize that one single piece of useful information that would actually come in handy - JUST RUN AWAY! Like the aforementioned James - he attempts to go one on one with the beast in hand to scale combat. And how about Chappel, when his gun runs out of bullets, he throws it at the creature in the tradition of all those classic Superman episodes. Good grief, didn't these guys ever watch any television?

In the final analysis, you have to admire the temerity of the folks who put this thing together. The film closes on the words "She'll never be back, will she?" followed by a large question mark before the final fadeout, virtually begging the question of there being a sequel. Well I guess you can't blame them for trying.

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