The Siege of Robin Hood


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 2.7 10 287

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Paul Allica as Robin Hood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sydmwswy 9 / 10

One of the best robin hoods

After Michael Curtis' Robin Hood, which was very good but I didn't like it, I haven't seen such a good Robin Hood. Scott's Robin Hood was not bad either, but it was in another phase. I don't see any differences between the story and the film.

Reviewed by tyler-39372 8 / 10

Set to become an Australian indie cult classic

I was fortunate to have today been present at the Australian premier of this remarkable film including a Q&A with the cast a crew. Hearing their stories, laughing and cheering alongside them helped me to appreciate what an achievement this film is. Produced on a minimal budget with local talent, it is rare to find films of this nature in Australia.

Whilst it is certainly a medieval fantasy, it felt like a uniquely Australian film and at times like a Hong Kong action flick. Watch it if you enjoy any of these genres.

Reviewed by Stokes_Music 8 / 10

An imperfect Robin Hood movie with heart

Okay, yes, I suppose rating this film an 8/10 is generous, but I think it's about time that independent filmmakers get a fair shake. After all, sometimes our beloved Hollywood filmmakers spend over $100 million dollars and still produce a turkey. This movie, on the other hand, immediately looked like something that some of my friends (my more talented friends, that is) shot with their cell phones at a Renaissance faire and edited on a MacBook, but you know what? It had heart. It was fun, funny, and had the spirit of adventure that Robin Hood stories should have.

Was it everything I ever wanted from a Robin Hood film? No, but did I waste two hours watching it? No! I had fun. It felt like an enthusiastic friend telling me a fun story. And, by the way, where did Robin Hood legends come from? They came from the common people, not the ridiculously rich people, such as our multimillion/billion dollar Hollywood elites.

And who am I to tell you this movie is a worthwhile watch? I'm not a filmmaker, but I do have one of the most ambitious webpages for Robin Hood film, TV, and video game reviews. I've also seen every film on the AFI top 100 and the revised list they published a decade later, and while this puts me still in the category of "film enthusiast", I still count myself as a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to Robin Hood films.

So, if you want a perfect film, bound to go down in the annals of film history, this isn't it. If you want a fun Robin Hood adventure, told by the common folk to the common folk, then cast off the guise of pretentious Hollywood film critic for a moment, and just enjoy the fun of watching this film, like a lowly commoner.

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