The Sinners


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 170

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Lochlyn Munro as Detective O'Ryan
Dylan Playfair as Kit Anderson
Michael Eklund as Detective Zankowski
Tahmoh Penikett as Pastor Dean Carver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 6 / 10

Well shot and cast, but poorly executed

This is actress turned newb filmmaker Courtney Paige's first full length feature film (one prior short) as co-writer, producer, actor and director. For a newb filmmaker, she did well in every aspect except the writing - which blame also falls to her two other writers.

The story was cliched, clumsy and a convoluted mess riddled with plot and technical issues. The editing felt like it was put thru a shredder, then taped together quickly. It was confusing more than entertaining. Had the writers consulted a seasoned writer to fix up their screenplay, this could've been a hit, because all other filmmaking aspects were on point. Her directing was decent, considering she followed her own convoluted screenplay. Scores in B-films are usually loud, annoying, overbearing and unfitting, but this film's was actually great with some decent soundtracks. The cinematography was good, and the casting and performances were very impressive. Even the pacing was perfect for the comfortable 96 min runtime. As a new filmmaker, Paige certainly has a future ahead of her. I just wish out of the 3 writers, at least one of them would've got it right. Nevertheless, a decent watch if nothing better is on for her targeted audience of teens-tweens. Never mind the current five shill 10/10's of six current reviews, it's a very generous 6/10 from me.

Reviewed by Briguy28ca 5 / 10

It Is What It Is

I had higher hopes for this film. Unfortunately, the writing was subpar. Take away the swear words and you have an excellent movie for 13-year-old girls. Although the writing was weak, the acting by the female cast was on point. Each of these ladies are going to have a prosperous career. Final note; stop putting Lochlyn Munro is movies where he needs to be taken seriously! For a guy who's going on 60, you would think he'd figure out dramatic acting by now, but he hasn't. This film at best will entertain 13-17 year old girls. That's about it.

Reviewed by shanelleconnell-64336 10 / 10

We Need More Female Driven Stories Like This

The Sinners is a great movie to showcase how female leads and female focused characters can carry a well-written and dynamic storyline.

Definitely hits the spot for those that enjoy thrillers and teen-cult classics. The The young cast shows promise and I hope to see more of what they will do in the future.

As for the production team? I think future films will only keep going up from here.

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