The Six Wives of Henry Lefay



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Reviewed by napierslogs 6 / 10

Funny, but not wise or emotionally profound

When "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is just a screwball comedy, it's actually pretty good. Every ex-wife has something to add to the hilarity and absurdity, and Tim Allen is the best he's been in years as the unapologetic Lothario, Henry Lefay.

Jenna Elfman is the crazy ex-wife, Ophelia, she could very well be his one true love except for when she's chasing him around the house with a carving knife. Andie MacDowell is her usual self, trying to bring stability as the mother of Henry's child. Lindsay Sloane is particularly hilarious as the naive and current but soon-to-be ex wife. However the star of this movie is Elisha Cuthbert, Barbie, Henry's daughter. She has had it with him marrying women younger than her, lying to her, and tricking her into trying to break up with a wife for him. She's at her best as a tough, together, independent woman when she as to arrange her father's funeral while trying to appease all the wives.

Cuthbert is great as Barbie, and the movie really is about her, but she's the only character with any kind of depth. When "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" tries to be a touching drama, it fails miserably. There is nothing particularly thoughtful about this film, and all the wives are painfully painted one-dimensionally, and I don't think they were supposed to be.

"The Six Wives of Henry Lefay" is funny, but it's not particularly wise or emotionally profound.

Reviewed by Robert_duder 7 / 10

A fun little dark comedy that will entertain simply

--Fun sitcom like comedy --Dark twisted and funny --A little bland at times and perhaps over the top too much for its own good at times --Solid cast, good supporting characters --Story sometimes feels a little contrived and forced

Tim Allen does a solid job in the role as womanizing Henry. He doesn't have a ton of screen time but he definitely carries the movie very well. Nice to see him in something a little less slapstick for movies.

Elisha Cuthbert is actually really great as Henry's daughter Barbera. She has great chemistry with the cast and with Allen as well. She really shows some great acting chops though she is the straight-woman in the comedy.

Andie MacDowell is also very good but also sort of the straight-woman. Her and Cuthbert have good chemistry as mother and daughter.

Jenna Elfman, and Paz Vega are also terrific as the often screwy wives (especially Elfman) who has an odd but solid chemistry with Tim Allen.

This is director Howard Michael Gould's first go as director. That might have hurt the film a little bit because a stronger director might have held the film together just a little better. He has a lot of experience in producing but I'm not sure he has the experience yet to hold together a movie as director. Still sit back and relax and you can enjoy this very quirky little dark comedy. You won't be rolling on the floor laughing but laughs and chuckles are plenty. 7/10

Reviewed by Bob_the_Hobo 8 / 10

Funny and Touching

"The Six Wives of Henry LaFey" has some great laughs and great performances, and was well worth the rental. I wasn't expecting much and got a pleasant surprise from this indie-comedy.

LaFey (Tim Allen) has a group of women he's been married to all living in the same backwater town. His daughter Barbie (Elisha Cuthbert) can barely stand him, and after seeing her father extremely embarrass her, Barbie says she never wants to see him again. She gets her wish, and a year later, it seems he's died in Mexico. Barbie decides she wants to lay her dad to rest with a "modicum of dignity", which will be difficult considering the six wives Henry had, all demanding their own way of seeing him off.

This was a really funny movie. The jokes are for the most part pretty clean, you could watch this with the family and not face any problems. The direction is great, there aren't any unnecessary scenes. But perhaps the best thing about this movie is the cast. Tim Allen nails a hysterical performance, and Elisha Cuthbert proves herself as adept a lead as Allen. The rest of the cast, mainly Henry's wives, all turn in funny, funny performances.

A fun, funny film. I definitely recommend.

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