The Sixth Man


Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance / Sport

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Octavia Spencer as Nativity Watson
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Flex Alexander as Jerrod Smith
Marlon Wayans as Kenny Tyler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Miz072 7 / 10


As a child I loved the movie The 6th Man. I probably hold the world record for the most viewings of this movie so for that reason I think I should write a review of it. As I said I loved this movie as a kid but now that I'm older I realize the many flaws it has, though I still understand what I liked so much about it when I was younger.

The 6th Man is a rare combination of comedy and drama. It doesn't transition between the two very well and I think that accounts for its less than stellar average rating. For the first 30 minutes or so The 6th Man is a great drama with some of the best basketball action you'll ever see. Antoine is a likable character and dies tragically. Kenny deals with his brother's death. A very heartbreaking story. It could have been a great drama if it had stuck to that. Then it violently switches to comedy, back to drama, and back to comedy so many times I am sure that is what turns off a lot of people. It doesn't turn me off, but it's one of the clear weaknesses.

After the movie switches to a comedy you are given a lot of hit and miss jokes, mostly involving invisible Antoine doing poltergeist stunts and freaking people out. Some of the jokes are hilarious. Personally I love the scene where Antoine goes into the painting and kicks the guy fishing into the pond. Its undoing in the comedic aspect of this movie is that it goes back to the poltergeist stuff too often. It becomes repetitive and it takes away from the serious drama that we saw for the first 30 minutes.

The basketball action in The 6th Man is among the best you will ever see. A lot of the actors in this movie were basketball players and went on to never act again. It shows both in the quality of their acting and the quality of the basketball. Travis Ford (Danny O'Grady) and Jack Karuletwa (Luther LaSalle) both put on lousy acting performances but were good on the court. Lorenzo Orr (Malik Major) also never acted again, but he seemed like he had potential as a comedic actor.

The 6th Man is a very worth watching drama/comedy. The main undoing of the movie is that it seemed like it couldn't decide which one it wanted to be. As a fan of basketball, a fan of dramas, and a fan of comedies I can understand why I still enjoy watching this. It brings something to the table in all three areas.

Reviewed by katers014 10 / 10


This is my favorite movie, i watch it all the time! it has a great plot and i never get sick of it i repeat all the lines and songs while i am watching it, its great. and when i found out it was going to be on tv for the first time i got extremely excited because i knew people would get to see how great of a movie it really is, its funny, touching, sad, and inspiring all in one, i still get tears in my eyes every time i watch it and laugh at all the same moments this movie is great, super, fantastic, and terrific and i recommend it to EVERYONE especially basketball

Reviewed by the_ref 8 / 10

Highly underrated

I saw this movie on a bus - a captive audience. The sound was too low and the screen was really small, but I still found it to be a touching comedy with a lot of heart. It was advertised as a zany "ghost basketball player haunts brother - wackiness ensues," when it is actually a strong story of the relationship between two brothers who grew up as best friends and teammates, and what happens when one of their lives is tragically cut short.

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