The Sleep


Action / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 2.5 10 105

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb-68895-19372 1 / 10

Hollywoo delusion in its finest form

You can tell in the first 2 minutes that this movie will be terrible. It starts off with four separate title cards.

"The director recommends that you watch this film as big as you can, as loudly as you can, in a dark room..."

This one on itself is already a little warning about the quality of this but nothing too bothersome yet.


This film contains true psychological terror... that can lodge itself deep within your mind without you knowing it... Some have likened the film to the feeling of being a patient within an insane asylum. If you are mentally frail, we advise you stop the movie immediately."

Second title card desperately attempting to hype up this crap, spewing typical Hollywoo takes on mental health (not understanding a single thing about the subject as usual)

"Otherwise... enjoy the madness... of THE SLEEP..."

Third title card, at this point I let out a sigh in real life...


Fourth title card attempting to hype up this movie... (or I really don't know what these title cards are attempting to do to be honest)

Then the movie finally starts.

There is no substance to review here so I will merely explain what is going on at certain points in the movie.

Opens with a generic parody ad for depression medication. (do I hear the word foreshadowing, yes, yes I do, also, yet again typical Hollywoo take on mental health)

It starts off with 10 minutes of a typical USA/LA rich kids having discourses about issues such as gun control, mass shootings, "why god would let such things happen", "if there was actually starving kids in Africa, they would be dead by now wouldn't they ?" (actual quote that was put in this movie), "why should I donate", "I want to be rich so I can donate", "every mass shooter was on some kind of treatment" etc.

At this point of the movie you get the sense that "big pharma" is bad because mental health treatments are actually made so that people all kill each other (again, typical Hollywoo take on mental health and its treatments, yes "big pharma" is bad, but not because they are trying to get people to kill each other, but because of capitalism, the same reason that somehow let this movie happen in the first place)

After about 10 minutes of that the actual plot of the movie starts. Queue however much time of terrible scene after terrible scene, inter-cut with Leto-esque Joker acting cutouts of the protagonists against black screens acting "crazy" every minute or so (for absolutely no reason or to no gain to this movie).

At 50 minutes in I specifically remember telling myself that these title cards aged terribly.

Around 1h10 I specifically remember asking myself on what level of delusion Hollywoo people are to think that this would ever gross enough to merit any more parts (the title of this movie containing "Part 1").

And after about 1h30 of "escape room game" type action but with lethal weapons we finally get the why of all of this : Mental health issues are actually caused by evil spirits (thanks Hollywoo for this take) Psychiatry is actually attempting to harness the power of these evil spirits (thanks Hollywoo for this take)

After 1h49m35s the movie finally ends and you as the viewer can only ask yourself: Why did I let myself sit through the entirety of this?

Why did this need to be 1 hour 50 minutes long?

How did this ever get made in the first place?

How did nobody involved in the process of making this realize that they had a horror flick on par with Birdemic? (if not worse, only time will tell at this point)

The sad part about all of this is that this movie might have actually been slightly better if it did not think of itself so seriously and highly (in typical Hollywoo fashion) and went with more of a comedic approach, but sadly it did not.

So I created an account specifically to review this movie in the hopes of doing my part in preventing any more lifetime hours waste on this trash-pile of a flick.

I will never get back these two hours of my life.

Reviewed by rotini-52586 1 / 10

The only explanation is that there is no explanation

Absolutely the worst piece of garbage I've ever watched. Will there really be a part 2 ? I highly doubt it after this display of trash. I lasted about 70 minutes before I shut this off. 69 minutes too much. Horrible movie.

Reviewed by msalkin-46677 1 / 10


There are all kinds of crap. Enjoyable crap, not so enjoyable crap, entertaining crap, memorable crap, forgettable crap, bearable crap, intolerable crap, and excrement. This embarrassment is the latter.

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