The Sleeping Tiger


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Dirk Bogarde as Frank Clemmons
Hugh Griffith as The Inspector
Billie Whitelaw as Receptionist at Pearce & Mann
Alexis Smith as Glenda Esmond
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10

"I think he's frightened under that hard shell of his...

"The Sleeping Tiger" is a film so flawed by its premise that no matter how good the picture is, it is automatically cursed to be second- rate. Think about it...a thug with a gun breaks into a psychiatrist's home and the doctor then invites the criminal to live in his home! The only way this MIGHT have worked had they made there a latent homosexual undertone to all this. But there wasn't and the film often makes no sense at all!

Dirk Bogarde plays the crook, Frank, and he plays him very well. This is no surprise, as Bogarde played many sociopathic creeks and played them well during this era. He does his best with the material. As for Alexis Smith, her character as the Doc's wife is terrible--and clichéd. And, the husband, played by Alexander Knox, is the worst of all...a man who makes himself a virtual eunuch in his own home!

The bottom line is that while the film has its moments, the plot is simply hopeless and a couple dumb characters make it all the worse. You could do a lot better and I'd recommend you try some of Bogarde's better written sociopath films such as "Cast a Dark Shadow".

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

A selected case study

Alexis Smith was one of many American stars who came to the United Kingdom to find work which was becoming less and less in Hollywood as less feature films were being made.. She was lucky to get this role opposite rising British cinema favorite Dirk Bogarde.

Smith plays the wife of criminal psychologist Alexander Knox who believes that with some analysis some criminals can be cured. So far not different than those two Hollywood classics Blind Alley and The Dark Past. But in those cases criminals broke into the homes of psychologists Ralph Bellamy and Lee J. Cobb and under stress the two mental health professionals did some probing.

But Bogarde is a selected case study. He's paroled to Knox and gets to live in his home where Smith finds the sexy Bogarde impossible to resist.

Bogarde is Stanley Kowalski with a criminal record if this film had been made on this side of the pond Marlon Brando would have been an obvious choice for the part. Let's say that Knox should have kept his business and professional life separate. Smith is great as a forty something woman in some serious heat.

One person I always enjoy seeing in British films is Hugh Griffith who always brings something to even a relatively colorless part like a police inspector here.

Blacklisted director Joseph Losey directed The Sleeping Tiger and it's a fine piece of work

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Dark psychology

THE SLEEPING TIGER is another vehicle for dark star Dirk Bogarde, who once again plays a ne'er-do-well character who proves irresistable to straight-laced women of the era. He finds himself holed up at the home of a psychiatrist and his frustrated wife, the latter with whom he begins the usual torrid affair. This film goes down the psychological path, which means there's little in the way of incident to enjoy, just the usual character "insights" and heated dialogue. The performances are fine, but I found the script a little lacklustre and drawn-out, taking ages to get to the admittedly impressive climax.

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