The Small World of Sammy Lee



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Warren Mitchell as Lou Leeman
Benjamin Whitrow as Joan's Client
Anthony Newley as Sammy 'Lee' Leeman
Roy Kinnear as Lucky Dave
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by musical-2 10 / 10

Big screen version of successful BBC play.

Made and released in 1963, this film gave Newley a real meaty role instead of the light comedy, musical roles he was usually cast in. The original BBC play was a one man, one scene event, but the full Soho, London locations gave the film a more murky, underworld feel and you really felt for Sammy Lee, although you realised he was his own worst enemy! Beautifully photographed in black and white, atmospheric and with Newley at his acting best. Well worth a viewing. Excellent support from Wilfred Brambell (Steptoe) as Newley/Sammy's dresser, and Julia Foster putting in a suitable innocent performance as the love interest who has fallen for Sammy's charms (lies).

Reviewed by dottorepaulo 8 / 10

Excellent Black-and-White photography, vivid, brilliant

I recently watched this movie in a newly made print with German subtitles during an Austrian film festival which showed a retrospective of the work of Wolf Suschitzky, the D.O.P. of this movie. Though 95 years old, he was present and I asked him afterward about the superb quality of the picture with "the blacks as real blacks and the whites glaringly white". It was probably shot with English Ilford stock of low sensitivity. Suschitzky pointed out that the most important thing is the quality of the print material and how experienced labs can handle this. I recommend this movie for anyone seriously interested in black and white film work and for getting moody, well-lit images in a real naturalistic location. Suschitzky tried to avoid bare grays so the grain won't show and even under night conditions there are parts overexposed and therefore white. Overall this movie has a great speed made-up of daring images, a superb jazz soundtrack and fast editing. Fortunately, it doesn't have a hand-held look, every image is carefully lit and composed. It is an enjoyable journey into the live of a very nervous and hasty man who doesn't seem to get anything right and instead is digging into trouble deeper and deeper. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available on DVD right now so watch out for the cinema experience.

Reviewed by thggns1 9 / 10

Must be watched .

This film portrays exactly how it was in Soho in the sixties and having worked in Soho during that period i can easily identify with the streets and establishments shown throughout the film . The story of this film is so credible , as , from experience , the plot defines exactly how it was around that time . I do know that it was precisely what used to happen in the sixties and later . What a treat to see the actual environment for what it was and not to be limited to studio scenery . Newley is at his brilliant best here and is the ideal candidate for this type of role. Wilfrid Brambell also shows his talents as a straight actor in this film although many people only associate him with comedy roles . Wilfrid really shines as Sammy's errand boy here , what a pity we haven't seen him in more 'straight' roles over the years . Poor Julia Foster , she also plays a blinder in this one too . She is so smitten with Sammy and refuses to admit that there cannot be any future between them as they really have completely different lifestyles . All in all , i think this film is so true to life that the Producer really does deserve an award , not only for the storyline but for casting the correct actors to portray the right roles in this.

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