The Snowman and the Snowdog


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Not as good as The Snowman, but has a lot of charm to it

First off, I absolutely adore The Snowman. Charming, stunningly animated, beautifully scored complete with a heart-wrenching ending, it is really something that Christmas is not the same without. I was intrepid in all honesty about The Snowman and the Snowdog. I was intrigued also of course, but thirty years after the original, which is close to so many people's hearts, I did question whether there was much point to it, and my family initially felt the same. Watching it last night, I actually did find it quite pleasing. Is it as good as The Snowman(like it or not, it is inevitable that these two are going to be compared in some way)? No it isn't, but The Snowman's quality and its reception and influence was a very tough act to follow and it was to be expected.

If there was anything that I wasn't particularly fond of this time around, it was the music. It certainly isn't terrible, it does have some beautiful moments, but at the same time it did feel a little too modern and could've been more subtly orchestrated. The song was pleasant enough, though I imagine that many people, including myself, will much prefer the ethereal beauty of Walking in the Air rather than the occasionally overpowering Coldplay-like feel of the song in The Snowman and the Snowdog.

However, I cannot deny at all that the animation is great. It is remarkably faithful to the style of The Snowman, to the other Raymond Briggs animated adaptations(Father Christmas and The Bear) and to the illustrations of the stories, and the handcrafting in detail and in colour looks really splendid. The story is also a strong asset, the middle has a little more going on, including a very amusing skiing race between the snowmen and a penguin, while the friendship between the boy, dog and snowman is charming in its whimsy and innocence yet remains upbeat on the most part and I did find the beginning and the end part with the snowdog very touching.

What was also good was that while it was very faithful in spirit to The Snowman, it even has a wonderfully silent atmosphere, because of the nice touch with finding the things under the floorboards, it didn't feel too much like a rehash. The ending is not as heart-wrenching as in The Snowman, but it still has that losing your best friend vibe- which would choke anybody up, whether they've been in that situation or not- that does still make it a moving moment. All the characters have a lot of appeal to them. Overall, pleasing and charming but I do think it is understandable if anybody is disappointed in some sort of way with The Snowman and the Snowdog. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Just not the same

THE SNOWMAN AND THE SNOWDOG is an attempt to sequelise the much-loved Raymond Briggs classic of the 1980s, a half-hour piece of animation that I challenge anybody to sit through without crying. A perennial favourite that's always in the schedules come Christmastime, THE SNOWMAN is my favourite Christmas film ever, so this sequel/remake has its work cut out.

The plus points: well, there's only one really, and that's the quality of the animation. It's done to match the original, and it looks great, refreshingly old-fashioned and hand-drawn instead of modernised.

The bad stuff: the storyline is a weak revamp of the original's, with added elements and ingredients that contribute little (the dog, the plane, etc.). It was much better when it was more simple. There's none of the power, danger, devastation or magical stuff from the original. In many places it seems bland, and a bit overly sentimental.

With no 'Walking in the Air', the music is also a letdown, just some generic pop-sounding slush added in its place. You can tell that Briggs wasn't involved in the production because whatever magic there was before has long disappeared - or should that be, melted away...

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 8 / 10

Everything you could hope for

30 years after the Oscar-nominated "The Snowman", it was finally time for a sequel. Now given how popular and beloved the original was, this was quite a risky endeavor. However, in my opinion they did everything right here. Let me start by saying that I like "The Snowman", but it's not among my favorite Christmas movies or anything. They made a good job with the animation here. The style resembles "The Snowman" obviously, but they also brought in new elements and made it more fitting for today's generation, mostly by making this a much more colorful watch. The music is another great aspect. Just like with the original, they used a nice song for the flying scene, but also in other moments you will like what you hear.

Hilary Audus was the director of this 25-minute Christmas short film 3 years ago and she also already worked as an animator on the 1982 film. It's a bit sad that John Coates died shortly before this film here got released. Oh well, maybe they showed him a copy beforehand. Who knows. Anyway, it is one year later and the protagonist, the little boy from the old film, is sad because his snowman friend is not with him. So he builds him and he also builds a snowdog for him and of course the two come to life the next morning. Nice idea with the socks on the dog's ears. That certainly made it more memorable. The Snowman takes his 2 new pals on a journey during which they meet a whole village of snowmen and even, briefly, Santa Claus.

This is such a harmonic movie with wonderful animation style and it goes very well with the music. Not even the competitive penguin tries something fishy during the skiing contest in order to win. The ending is very well done too. It is happy with the dog and sad with the Snowman and, even if it was slightly predictable, I think this was absolutely the right way to go in terms of emotion. I don't care about grumpy people who complain about this lacking the charm of the original. I think this is a wonderful little movie, excellent watch during the holidays and in my opinion all the more modern aspects added to it make it an even better work than the 1982 original. Highly recommended and it is also a good watch for non-English speakers as there is no text or dialogue in here.

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