The Sorcerer and the White Snake

2011 [CHINESE]

Action / Fantasy / Romance

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Reviewed by siderite 8 / 10

Nice Chinese fairytale. Nothing too fancy, though

So many people reviewed this as bad and I will be damned if I understand why. The story is that of an old Chinese legend (well, a more modern interpretation), the actresses are very beautiful and the acting, for what it's worth, is not bad either. To bash a movie because the CGI is a little choppy and Jet Li fights magically instead of kicking behinds seems the height of triviality.

The Legend of the White Snake starts a long time ago, way before there was a written version. The original is quite different from the modern version as well, being a horror story about a demon tricking a human to fall in love with her and her jealous demon buddies are doing everything in their power to break them up. At least this is what I got from Wikipedia. The film, though, presents it as a total love story where the White Snake and her sister are benevolent demons who visit the human world and eventually fall for two guys. The natural order, represented by the Buddhist monk Fahai, a non compromising demon hunter, doesn't allow this type of union and eventually it all escalates into a bad CGI extravaganza.

I thought the morality of the story was a little bit confusing, but complex, worthy of a script. Nothing is completely black and white and in the end the message is tolerance, even if not everything turns out OK. This complexity has kept my eyes glued to the screen until the end. Yes, the CGI could have been better, but who really cares about that?

Bottom line: I liked it. Popularizes a Chinese legend that I knew nothing about, shows people that a film can have a complex story that is not just black and white, stars really cute Chinese ladies and in end was quite entertaining for me. No masterpiece, but really better than average.

Reviewed by alisonc-1 8 / 10

Beautiful Goddess Falls for Human - What Could Go Wrong?

Buddhist Monk and Abbot Fahai (Jet Li) and his disciple Neng Ren (Zhang Wen) are demon hunters, among other things; White Snake (Shengyi Huang) and Green Snake (Charlene Choi) are sister demons, one a bit of a romantic and the other rather mischievous. Green Snake causes young herbalist Xu Xian (Raymond Lam) to fall into a lake in the mountains, but White Snake saves him with a kiss, imparting some of her vital essence to him. Is it any wonder, after such a kiss, that White Snake and Xu Xian fall in love? But nothing good can come of the relationship between a human and a demon, and Abbot Fahai is determined to separate the couple, even at the cost of wreaking havoc in the temple and the world....

Jet Li is as likable and harmonious as ever in this role, one where he is able to employ his considerable martial arts skills while maintaining the quietude and serenity of a monk; Zhang Wen's disciple provides some excellent comic relief as he "grows" from hapless monk to, well, demon; and the two sister snakes are suitably sinuous and lovely. Raymond Lam is also quite good as the ambitious herbalist who dreams of becoming a doctor and saving the lives of others; indeed, his humble nobility creates a desire in White Snake to do good herself, an emotion not necessarily common for demons. We also are treated to a number of other demons, including a pack of gorgeous white foxes, a beautiful snow goblin all dressed in red, and a rabbit devil, and there are a number of set pieces involving Abbot Fahai's fights with some of these creatures. All in all, a very entertaining spectacle and a fitting way for us to close FantAsia 2012!

Reviewed by My_Opinion-245-920801 8 / 10

Love and art visually expressed through film.

The Sorcerer and The White Snake is visually stunning as well as breathtakingly inspiring. This movie is more than CGI, computer rendering, or even cinematic location. It's about love. The power that love wields between two people who are in love and the control, twist, and even anguish that love sometimes will exert over us. Yes, the fight scenes were well filmed. Additionally the colors exploded violently from frame to frame, it was exceptional. I would be inconsistent if I however did not point out that if this film had a major Hollywood studio budget. Some of the CGI scenes would have looked slightly less choppy, and perhaps more money, would have helped to further polish an already outstanding movie. The Sorcerer and The White Snake is a rare gem, it is a love story told through art. I found the water sections in the opening of the movie simply stunning. Art and love translated through film, simply exceptional.

I hope you will take my advice and grab a copy of this as soon as you are done reading my review. I promise you, this movie will not disappoint in any way shape or form.

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