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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

An oddly unsatisfying film.

This is a documentary about the so-called 'Source Family'--a cult built around an odd guru in California. This man, who renamed himself 'Father Yod', slowly took the group from one that saw him as a great spiritual leader to a god-like being who should be obeyed without question. This is actually pretty typical of many of the cults of the era but what makes this one a little confusing is the ending. Now, many years later, his followers are interviewed--and some sound as if they STILL think he was god, some see him as flawed but a good part of their lives and a few see him as a huckster--though this seems like the minority. So, if you are looking for clear answers, this isn't what you'll find. Instead, it's a film that you watch and make of it what you will. As for me, I found it mildly interesting but nothing more. In fact, I got far less out of it than "Commune"--a similar sort of documentary that was made very interesting due to folks' insights into their group today.

Reviewed by ontherogue 10 / 10

The Best It Could Be

I joined The Source Family in 1970 and remained for the duration of the experience, so I feel that my review of this documentary holds some merit. I feel the filmmakers tried to present our story as honestly as they could given their limited understanding of it, especially since the pool of people interviewed were limited in scope by distance & proximity to where the actual interviews were done. The first time that I watched the documentary, it brought back a flood of memories for me from forty years ago and was somewhat unsettling and disquieting; although after watching it a few more times it began to feel less of an intrusion on my senses. And although my son's father was featured at the very end during the credit roll performing his song Woman Beyond The Sun, but did not receive even one credit for either his song or his performance; as well as credit for his song Every Morning being given to Ahom/Robin Baker because she had recorded it....those omissions aside, I felt it was a job very well done considering the source.

Reviewed by paumarcus 8 / 10

A rare insider's view Into a "cult" community.

The reviewers so far are commenting on their opinion of the SUBJECT of the film, not the filmmaking.

The job of the filmmakers is to get a reaction and experience the subject - good, bad or indifferent.

This is a terrific documentary. I have rarely seen a doc that has been so well researched and has so much archival material. Plus they have tracked down all these folks who were originally part of this crazy, cultural experiment. Amazing story.

As a cultural document is so strong, but with the addition of all the insider participation it transforms itself into a one-of-a-kind experience. One of the best of the recent Americana docs. - thanks.

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