The Spearhead Effect



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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Darlene Vogel as Shelby Stone
Alex McArthur as Fuller
Jaime Gallagher as Carole Graham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 9 / 10

VERY impressive novice indie production!

Let me start off by saying that I rate and review movies based on their own merits i.e. are there A-list actors? Big Hollywood production (including director, producers, writers etc)? If yes, then I will critique it hard.

This is not one of those films. In fact, the only somewhat seasoned (B-list) actor was Rane Jameson with a decent resume, of whom did an outstanding job in his role.

Next, I've said many times before, very rarely do we find a film where one character is the actor, writer, director, producer... and score in a film that is successful in all areas. This IS one of those rarities. Caleb Alexander Smith has a short acting resume, mainly a handful of TV shows as an extra, and this film was his first ever credit as writer, director, producer and composer. He shared most of these credits with another novice, Brandon Moore, also debuting for the first time in the same categories. But Caleb also being a lead and composer was ambitious to take on so many responsibilities, but succeeded exponentially.

His directing and writing are what stood out in this film, and I did take note of a very decent score throughout this film. Of course his acting was also on point.

This is a rather unique indie film, produced and presented very well. It by no means is a Hollywood production, yet it felt better than some of the recent blockbusters I've seen lately. Even the choice of masks (I want one of those!) were a perfect choice to create that uneasy eeriness. Sure most of the cast will have this film credited as their first ever acting role, and where not as convincing as you would expect in a film, but they were just that, amateur/novice actors that did a decent job, and deserve some praise.

I'm sure there will be many negative reviews and ratings (only because IMDb users always critique by comparing every film to Hollywood blockbusters), but I for one refuse to be negative towards any *novice* actor, director, producer. etc who are ambitious, gave it their best, and come up with something that I feel is right up there (considering what they had to work with) with those big blockbuster films.

Everything about this film is worth watching. The writing and directing (again, for a first time attempt by the aforementioned duo) is excellent, and the ending is outstanding (great little twist in the final act!).

I really enjoyed this film and would see it again and recommend it to friends. Caleb Smith nailed every role he was responsible for in this film, and I look forward to seeing more from him and his team in the future. This film should be an inspiration and example to all the new and upcoming individuals considering or just starting out in this industry. And if anyone thinks this is one of those fake IMDb reviews paid or involved to promote this film, it is not... click on my name and you will see my over 700 ratings and over 300 reviews. I'm rating this film as it deserves to be rated, and it's a well deserved 9/10 from me! Props to all those involved in this outstanding and enjoyable production.

Reviewed by rookron 9 / 10

Surprisingly Good Indie

I created an account to rate this movie. Through most of it, things were happening that I just couldn't quite believe so I chalked it up early to bad writing and suspect acting but it was all explained at the end and I was impressed. Definitely worth the watch!

Reviewed by omendata 6 / 10

Slow and plodding but with a rather novel ending

This movie started out with the "Death Wish" vigilante scenario; It seems this year will be the year of the Vigilante tapping into the current fear in society of the rising crime and immigration problems hence why Bruce Willis is taking on the Charles Bronson Death Wish role amongst others.

The movie was chuntering along at a steady pace then it seemed to lose its way and the middle felt a bit flat but the denouement was rather superb - I must admit I didnt figure it out; I just usually let the movie wash over me and dont try and be the anal retard who is always trying to find the mistakes or figure out the ending and I think that is the best way to go as the final segment of the movie was really rather excellent and quite a surprise.

Its not a great movie but it will pass an evening and is to be commended for its low budget but high quality production and the acting was pretty good too and beats many of the million pound budget so called thrillers that are around at the moment.

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