The State of Texas vs. Melissa



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwight-69 2 / 10

Painfully Slow To Watch & Very Biased

This documentary moves at an extremely slow pace and does not present a balanced picture of the case. The movie is all about painting a picture of a woman treated unjustly by the criminal justice system instead of providing a balanced view and let the viewer decide. This could easily have been compressed into a movie of less than 50 minutes. I would not recommend wasting 100 minutes of your life on this movie.

My final take - Melissa is guilty and after 11 years behind bars now tries to blame what happened on anyone/anything (stairs) but herself. She is guilty, but she does not deserve the death penalty.

Reviewed by bkayleenmia 5 / 10

a documentary on a guilty woman

The whole time watching it, I was angry. How are they all so selfish a little 2 year old girl lost her life, Mariah Alvarez isn't here any more, regardless if it was Melissa Lucio who beat her or not, she neglected Mariah. Melissa had way too many kids that she couldn't take care of, she is guilty of neglect for sure. The whole time she never once apologized or admitted guilt for neglecting her kids. She was so good at pointing fingers though, that she was able to do. Her family too, her son Bobby just has Mommy issues he misses her and wants her out, he can't think straight and can't realize that his Mom was not a good mom. Melissa's mother and sister's just miss her and want her out, they are not thinking of the death of Mariah, like come on Mariah is dead because of Melissa. Mariah's graveside was abandoned, alone and empty. The family didn't care for her at all, they just care for releasing a criminal back into society. Melissa Lucio is where she needs to be locked up behind bars for the death of her 2 year old daughter Mariah Alvarez. It's like Cameron County prosecutor Alfredo Padilla said "the decision was based on evidence and evidence alone". Mariah was all bruised, beat or not beat she was neglected, she wasn't loved she was neglected, that should have never happened to her she's a child. Who's fault is it, clearly Melissa thinks it's not her fault and now blames one of her daughters Alexandra Lucio, even if all those bruises was by Alexandria, you as a mother needed to have stopped that before it became worse but she didn't, she wasn't a good Mom at all. I enjoyed the documentary for what it is a documentary but overall I do not find Melissa Lucio innocent or feel sorry for her. Texas needs to keep her on death row period. Rest in peace Mariah Alvarez you didn't have a chance at life.

Reviewed by henryporterr 1 / 10

Shoddy Journalism

In the modern vein of documentaries when feelings outweigh facts

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