The Stewardesses


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billmarq 1 / 10


I saw this in the theater in its 3D version when it was originally released in 1969. It stunk to high heaven then and it can't be any better now. Scenes of a woman being brutalized in the bedroom and then jumping out a window hardly fit into a movie described as a comedy-drama. Nudity for no other purpose than titillation does not a movie make. The 3D effects were not all that good and did nothing at all to add to the enjoyment of the film. It has been 35 years since I saw this movie and I still think of it as the worst film I have ever viewed in a theater. My companions and I asked for our money back but were refused. Other vignettes within this "movie" included the story of a man who was traumatized by an act of sodomy. Cheery stuff, eh?

Reviewed by hollywoodshack 8 / 10

3D vision, great sex, forget plot

This film is not like too many today where the medium is more important than the content. Just look at 3D Avatar or digital TV. There's nothing on the TV to watch but plenty of writing on the corner of the screen and menu gadgets to play with. The Stewardesses are interesting and involving characters. Christina Hart plays an ambitious stewardess who wants closeted gay adman Michael Garret to help promote her career as an actress. She discovers a downer of a nightmare evening together with him. Jo is the lesbian head stewardess who has a wild fling with Kathy, promising a promotion for her in return. The 60's are well captured in segments featuring nude yoga and a 3-D acid trip! Each erotic adventure is well staged and never repeats the same style of the last one. The drawbacks are objects filmed just to show the 3-D vision at work, but these are minimal and don't distract from the story or actresses involved. 3D on a full color DVD did not work for me. The best parts that looked 3D with glasses were not as good as a double coated baseball card picture.

Reviewed by Uriah43 4 / 10

Pretty Actresses But No Real Plot

This film essentially revolves around seven or eight stewardesses who have an extended layover in Los Angeles and decide to have some fun. Since there are a number of various subplots within this movie I have decided to list them for the sake of clarity. First, "Samantha" (Christina Hart) happens to meet an advertising executive named "Colin Winthrop" (Ronald South) and because she desperately wants to be an actress eagerly goes out on a date with him. What she doesn't know is that Colin has a hidden secret that he has been nursing for several years and it's going to change their relationship rather dramatically. Meanwhile, "Cathy" (Kathy Ferrick) and "Jo Peters" (Anita de Moulin) go to a club to unwind but eventually head back to Jo's apartment. "Wendy" (Janet Waas), on the other hand, seems to have a thing for men in uniform as she first cavorts with a sailor in bed at the start of the movie and then afterward spends some time with a soldier who has orders to return to Vietnam. Yet another stewardess named "Annie" (Donna Stanley) decides to go home and drop some acid instead. Last, but not least, "Tina" (Paula Erikson) manages to get invited over to a playboy pilot's home which results in "Cindy" (Beth Shields) being left all alone. There is also another stewardess who apparently cheats on her boyfriend but I don't believe her name is mentioned. Now, as I stated earlier, there are quite a number of scenes involving different people and because there is no real character development-or much of a plot for that matter-it's quite easy to get confused on exactly who is doing what. This is the primary weakness of this movie. Throw in an extremely limited budget and awful background music and it's not difficult to understand why this movie has historically been rated so low. Rather surprisingly however, all of the actresses were quite attractive (with Kathy Ferrick being the best of the bunch in my opinion) which certainly helped this film immensely. Additionally, from what I understand there were a couple of promotional gimmicks and revisions done to this movie which dramatically enhanced the bottom line well beyond its actual merits. Of course none of the gimmicks can make this movie any better than it actually is and because of that I have rated this movie accordingly. Slightly below average.

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